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WISEsecure Tasks for District Security Administrators (DSAs)

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In WISEsecure, district security administrators (DSAs) can perform a variety of important security tasks. DSAs can assign other users as application administrators, designate which email address domains can be used to sign into WISEhome, review what applications each user has access to, and revoke application access for users who no longer need access or who leave an organization.

This page includes step-by-step instructions for DSAs to follow to perform these DSA-specific tasks in WISEsecure. DSAs can also grant normal application security and user roles. For instructions on assigning user roles in WISEhome applications, refer to the Grant Access to WISEhome Applications guide.

WISEsecure Task Guides

Assign a User as an Application Administrator

As a DSA, you can assign other users as administrators for specific applications. Application administrators can assign user roles and manage access requests for specific applications. To assign an administrator for a specific application:

1. Go to the Manage Security page in WISEsecure.

2. Click the link for the application you want to assign an administrator for to open the user role assignments page for that application.

User Role Assignments page

3. On the user role assignments page, you'll see a list of users and their roles for the application. To add an application administrator, click Assign/View App Admin.

App Administrator list

4. On the Assign/View App Admin page, you can see a list of users designated as administrators for the application. On this list, you can remove an application administrator by clicking Remove. To add a new administrator, click Add Application Admin.

Assign App Admin

5. On the Add Application Administrator form, you can search for the user you want to assign as an administrator for by Email or by searching with their First and Last Names.

6. When you've found the user, select the check box in the user's row, then select Add & Continue to assign them as an administrator but keep the form open, or Add & Close to assign them as an administrator and close the form.

Designate Approved Sign-in Email Domains

Users can log into WISEhome with an email address that has an approved email domain. The email domain is the part of an email address that comes after the @. For example, DPI employees have the email domain As a DSA, you specify which email domains are allowed to be used to sign into WISEhome at your organization. To do so:

1. Go to the Email Domain Restriction page in WISEsecure.

Email Domain Restriction page

2. To add a new approved email domain, enter the domain in the Email Domain field, including the @ sign, and click Add.

3. If there are email domains you no longer want to allow as sign-in emails, click Remove next to the email domain to remove it from the approved list.

4. In the User Lookup From list, you can determine how users are able to log into WISEhome. Select WISE ID to allow users to sign in using email addresses using Google Cloud Directory Sync. Select WAMS to allow users to log in using a WAMS ID. You can select both options if you want both to be available.

Review User Access Permissions

On the Access Viewer page, you can see a full list of users at your organization and what applications they have access to, along with their user roles for that application. You can search the list by EmailFirst Name, or Last Name, and filter results by Application and Role.

Access Viewer

Offboard Users

When a user leaves your organization or otherwise no longer needs access to WISEhome applications, you can quickly remove their user roles on the Offboard Users page. To do so:

1. On the Offboard Users page, search for a user by Email, First Name, or Last Name.

Search for offboarding users

2. Select the user from the list of results, then click Review User Access to open the Offboard User (Remove Access) form.

Offboard User form

3. On the Offboard User (Remove Access) form, double-check to make sure you want to remove the user's access to all WISEhome applications. If so, click Revoke All Access.

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