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WISE Application Release Notes

WISE Application Release Notes

This page includes release notes for the latest production releases of WISEdata, WISEid, WISEstaff, and other WISE applications such as WISEadmin Portal. You can also learn about new documentation updates in the Website Documentation Updates section. For historical release notes, refer to the Archived Release Notes link under each section.


Latest Update: 11/30/2021

WISEdata Release Notes

Change to Prevent Timeout Errors with Student Section Export

A message now appears when users download the WISEdata Student Section export reminding users to select a specific school to prevent timeout errors.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes in this release include:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause validation error 7139 to appear when it should not.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause validation error 7169 to appear for students in grades 6-8. This error should only apply to students in grades 9-12.

Archived Release Notes

WISEid and WISEstaff

Latest Update: 12/9/2021

WISEid and WISEstaff Release Notes

[WISEstaff] Improve Validate Staff Data Comment Box Functionality

Increased comment box on the Validate Staff Data page to 500 characters from 250and added a validation to alert user if they try to exceed 500 characters. Previously comments over 250 would not save nor alert user of the issue.

[WISEstaff] Provide Guidance for Entity ID CRs from File Upload

Added a column to the View Upload Results grid: "Entity ID Changes" which will be populated if your file upload generated Entity ID Change Requests still under review.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes in this release include:

  • Fixed an issue in WISEstaff where dialog boxes were not working properly for the Staff List page > Delete Staff Person button and the Edit Staff > Delete Entity ID button.

Archived Release Notes

WISEadmin Portal, Ed-Fi Credential, and Other WISE Applications

Latest Update: 11/2/2021

WISEadmin Portal Release Notes (Updated 11/2/2021)

Agency Contacts Table Now Shows School Year in Clearer Format

The Agency Contacts table in WISEadmin Portal now shows school years in the same format as WISEdata Portal. For example, the current school year appears as "2021-2022" instead of "2022."

Ed-Fi Credential Release Notes (Updated 11/2/2021)

[Vendor Update] Inactive LEAs No Longer Appear on L2 Message and Record Count Table

In Ed-Fi Credential, the EdOrgs with L2 Messages and Record count table has been updated to filter out inactive LEAs, which can help sort through LEA data.

Other WISE Applications

No current updates.

Archived Release Notes

Website Documentation Updates

Latest Update: 11/9/2021

Website Documentation Updates

Snapshot Preparation Guidance for Reporting Graduation Data

We've published new snapshot preparation guidance pages for submitting and checking graduation data. There are separate versions for public and Choice schools:

Archived Release Notes

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