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WISE Application Release Notes

WISE Application Release Notes

This page includes release notes for the latest production releases of WISEdata, WISEdash, WISEid, WISEstaff, and other WISE applications such as WISEadmin Portal. You can also learn about new documentation updates in the Website Documentation Updates section. For historical release notes, refer to the Archived Release Notes link under each section.

WISEdata and Ed-Fi Credential Release Notes

Latest Update: 4/30/2024

WISEdata Portal (WDP) and Ed-Fi Release Notes

WISEdata Portal Updates

WISEdata Portal: Redesigned Profile Dropdown Menu

The Profile dropdown menu on the WISEdata Portal has been redesigned with some upgrades. Different options appear on the dropdown menu depending on the LEA type, public school, or Choice school.

The dropdown menu is separated into two sections, with a horizontal line through the middle to differentiate functions for users. Items above the horizontal line are clickable items. Information below the horizontal line is not clickable.

All agency types see the same extended information in the top, clickable section of the profile dropdown menu:

  • Change Agency (for DPI Staff only)
  • Contacts and Acknowledgments (formerly the “Contact” option). The current information will be displayed in all years as this information is not specific to any particular year.
  • Agency Contacts
  • Logout

The extended information for public schools (below the horizontal line) is:

  • User name
  • Agency name
  • LEA ID
  • LEA Code
  • Carl Perkins District: True or False. “N/A” will display if the LEA has not set their status. This value is updated dynamically, based on the school year. The current value for this indicator is also displayed on the Home screen, the Alert screen, and on the Message Center screen.

The extended information for Choice schools (below the horizontal line) is:

  • School name – location/city
  • All Student Report Card: Opt-In or Opt-Out status. This value is updated dynamically, based on the school year.
  • LEA ID
  • LEA Code

WISEdata Portal: School Year Banner, Adjusted

The hovering school year banner in the WISEdata Portal has been relocated. No longer in the center of the screen, the School Year banner within WDP has been moved to the top panel, on the right side, near the Agency login information. Also, the school year banner is now text within the top menu, so the banner no longer obstructs other menu items. To help it stand out from the other menu items, the school year still appears as white text with a green box.

WISEdata Portal: Alert Banner, Adjusted

The orange “Alert” banner that spans the top of the WISEdata Portal screen to inform LEAs about merged WISEids now has a “Learn More” button added to it. Now, not only will LEAs be made aware of the important alert, they will also be able to click the “Learn More” button which will open a KBA instructing them how to address the problem.

WISEdata Portal: New Tag, “Unresolvable”

A new Validation tag is available on the WISEdata Portal Validations screen, when using the Tags feature. The new tag is “Unresolvable.” This Tag can only be added or removed by a user with the Agency Role. Users should be able to select the “Unresolvable” Tag along with all other Tags from the existing list. Users can remove the tag when it is no longer needed. A date/time stamp will be created when this Tag is added, and any Comments connected to this Tag will also be saved.

Here is some context for when the Unresolvable Tag should be used:

  • Sometimes there are errors that, due to a unique scenario or circumstances, can't be resolved by the LEA. One such example is that state law requires public schools to offer a world language (WL) class to grades 7-12 but exempts charter schools. The WDP validation logic can't exclude throwing the error for the district charter schools. Therefore, the charter schools are correct in not offering the WL course but also cannot clear the error. The “Unresolvable” Tag allows the charter school staff working in WDP to know that someone reviewed the error and knows that it is unresolvable. This also communicates to the other staff within the charter school that no one needs to spend more time working on it.

WISEdata Portal: New "Snapshot Focused” Validation Filter

Also on the WISEdata Portal Validations screen, a new filter option is available for narrowing the results of an LEA's validations. Along with the Errors and Warnings filters, a new “Snapshot focused” box can be clicked. This will allow LEAs to know which validations require the most attention as they prepare their data for snapshots. When the checkbox is selected, validation messages linked with an upcoming snapshot date will appear. Messages concerning the Fall Snapshot will be visible from June to December, while those related to the Spring Snapshot will be shown from January to May.

WISEdata Portal: New "CTE Department” Label on School Roster Panel

In alignment with the new nomenclature of CTE Department (Program Area), this nomenclature will also appear on the Roster screen in WISEdata Portal on the School Roster Panel. Specifically, this data element will appear under the Section Details header, next to Clusters.

Ed-Fi Updates

Ed-Fi Credential Application


Archived WISEdata and Ed-Fi Release Notes

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WISEid and WISEstaff

Latest Update: 4/16/2024

WISEid and WISEstaff Release Notes


WISEid: Fix to Remove Student Email Validations for Email Uniqueness in Match Review

We fixed an alignment in logic that allowed us to resolve a glitch. Previously, when we removed the student email uniqueness check in the WISEid system, we forgot to remove the logic from the Match Review process.  Logic has now been removed from the Match Review process, and Students will no longer need an unique email to be resolved by Match Review.


WISEstaff: Fix Download Staff Files – Snapshot Data for Final Snapshot

We fixed an issue where the Final Snapshot was really the Preliminary Snapshot.

Archived WISEid and WISEstaff Release Notes

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Latest Update: 5/14/2024

WISEdash for Districts Release Notes

WISEdash for Districts

  • The 2024-25 FAFSA Application data has been loaded for those who have opted in for FAFSA.
  • The 2023-24 Winter MAP data has been loaded for those LEAs who use the MAP dashboards.
WISEdash Public Release Notes

WISEdash Public

  • The 2023-24 Digital equity dashboards have been updated.

Archived WISEdash Release Notes

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WISEadmin Portal and Other WISE Applications

Latest Update: 4/2/2024

WISEadmin Portal Release Notes


WiSFiP: Displaying Description of Calculated Values on Not Meeting Criteria Screen

The Not Meeting Criteria Data screen in WiSFiP will now display a description of the calculated values. Just hover your cursor over the calculator icon, and the description will display in a small window.

WiSFiP: Displaying Description of Calculated Values on Published Data Screen

The Published Data screen in WiSFiP will now display a description of the calculated values. Just hover your cursor over the calculator icon, and the description will display in a small window.

WiSFiP: Reducing Columns of Published Data Export

The following columns will be removed from the Published Data exports on WiSFiP:

  • Column F – Gender
  • Column G – Submitting LEA Agency Key
  • Column I – School Agency Key
  • Column N – Primary School
  • Column O – SEOA Exists
  • Column Q – Resident LEA Agency Key
  • Column AA – Covers

Removing this information will eliminate content that is rarely required and will improve the loading time of the export, providing users with a smoother experience in WiSFiP.

Other WISE Applications




WISEdata Finance (WDF)


Archived WISEadmin Release Notes

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WISE Website Documentation Updates

Latest Update: 5/14/2024

WISEdata and Data Element Website/Documentation Updates

WISEdata Webpage Updates:

Snapshot Preparation Guidance webpage: Updates and Corrections

The Snapshot Preparation Guidance webpage was updated again, to include all of the slide decks, video links, Q&A, and Text Only support docs. 

WISEdata Portal: Mini Tutorial on Alerts

The WISEdata Portal Alerts mini tutorial has been revised with more detailed information about alerts and now has a navigation menu.

WISE Guides have NEW URLS

Under the premise of 'know better, do better,' the URLS for the following WISE Guides were recreated:

These WISE Guides can all be located on the WISEadmin portal landing page


Ancestry Ethnic Origins: Data Element page

The Ancestry/Ethnic origins data element page has been updated with improved information on how LEAs can use this optional data element to disaggregate data and increase their equitable multi-level systems of support for students in sub-groups.

WISEdash Website/Documentation Updates

WISEdash for Districts Webpage Updates:


WISEdash Public Portal Webpage Updates:


KBAs for Validations (Errors and Warnings)

If hyperlinks are not in place for listed KBAs, please use the KBA Portal to search.


KBAs for Validations


Customer Services Team pages (School Directory) and Other WISE Website/Documentation Updates

Customer Services Team Webpage Updates: 


Data Errata Webpage:

Clarification was added to the Data Errata webpage, better explaining that while snapshot data itself is not changed by the submission of a data errata letter, DPI strongly advises LEAs to correct all data. Language was also added to clarify the Report Card Inquiry process. Additionally, contact information was added for the DPI Special Education Team so that LEAs can contact this team as well if they have questions about Oct 1 Child Count data errata.

School Directory User Guides: New Printable Checklist

The School Directory User Guides have all been updated with refreshed screenshots and other minor adjustments to reflect the most current version of the application. 

Additionally, the User Guide for Public Schools not also has a printable companion checklist Word document available to help keep LEAs on track with the many required changes for this application's annually required updates. 

Archived Website Documentation Release Notes

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