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WISE Application Release Notes

WISE Application Release Notes

This page includes release notes for the latest production releases of WISEdata, WISEid, WISEstaff, and other WISE applications such as WISEadmin Portal. You can also learn about new documentation updates in the Website Documentation Updates section. For historical release notes, refer to the Archived Release Notes link under each section.


Latest Update: 09/20/2022

WISEdata Release Notes

L2 Validations -

  • Error 6870 (a discipline incident is reported by a school, but a primary enrollment type does not exist for the student at that school): The logic for this L2 has been revised to adjust for membership enrollment type, which is a type of primary enrollment. Membership enrollment type is only utilized by LEAs participating in the WiSFiP Pupil Count for Membership pilot program for the 2022-23 school year.
  • Error 6793 (student must be at least three on enrollment start date): Logic for this L2 has also been revised to not throw with the use of the membership enrollment type.

  • Warning 7445 (section with student exists but staff association is missing): In connection with the Export Feature listed below in WDP updates, warning 7445 will indicate when students are associated with a course, but there is no staff member associated with that course.

WISE Webpage Updates

  • The Career Education: Info, Help, and FAQ page is live, and stands as an upgrade to the former CE Help page, but maintaining the existing URL (so if you bookmarked that page, it’s still good!). Like the revisions made to the Roster webpage, Career Education: Info, Help, and FAQs page has combined information from multiple pre-existing pages into a “one-stop-shop” webpage. The menu items at the top will jump you to sections quickly. We do strive to provide accurate, current, and thorough information on our website, but as always, the Customer Service Team is here to support you. Please fill out a WISEsupport Ticket whenever you need personalized help that hasn’t been answered by information found online.
  • WISEdash for Districts FAQ page wants to remind users about the Cohort Manager User Guide which is available to assist users with this tool.

  • Looking for the Bug and Defect list? You can stop the search. This spreadsheet is no longer being maintained and has consequently been removed from all WISEdata pages. Users should refer right here - to the Release Notes page - for information and updates on bug fixes, defects, and any other new information we have for you.

WISEdata Portal Updates

  • Tags Feature: WDP has a handy new feature, ‘Tags’, found in the Validations Messages tab. When you click the expander arrow “▸” to view details about a specific L2, you should notice a column header called Tags on the far right side. Also, when looking at the filters at the top of the page, above the list of L2s, along with familiar filters of School Year and School Type, there is also a new filter called Validation Message Tags. A drop-down menu on this new filter allows you to see over a dozen available choices for tags. Additionally on to the Tags feature, users can also enter a date onto a tag to enhance progress tracking when resolving L2s. Just hover over the selected tag to access the date feature. Once a date is associated with a tag, “aging” will display next to the L2 tag as a digit, indicating how many days the tag has been associated with the L2. For example, if you selected the ‘Investigating’ tag 9 days ago, the tag will now appear as: ‘Investigating (9)’.
  • Vendor Info in Agency Contacts: Under the Agency Contacts menu in WDP, alongside information about the LEA, contact information about all SIS vendors will also be available. Through a drop-down menu, select all applicable vendors. Multiple vendors will be displayed, separated by commas.
  • SLIPA Code: Student Language Instruction Program Association (SLIPA) information can be viewed on the Student Roster Details page, under the Language Instruction tab. Within that tab, in the field named Language Instruction Program Assessments, you can now view the ELP description and the numeric code associated with it (e.g., 1 - ELL/LEP Beginning Preproduction {WIDA label: Entering}).
  • SLIPA Export Upgrade: The Student Language Instructional Program Export in WDP will be separated into three separate columns: Assessment Year, Monitored Status, and Proficiency Level. A corresponding LEP number will also be added to the proficiency level description (e.g., 2 - ELL/LEP Beginning Production {WIDA label: Beginning}). This data will be reported for all EL students with a monitored status.
  • Export Feature: A new export is available, called Sections Missing Staff, associated with warning 7445 mentioned above. It combines Course Offerings with Staff Section Exports and includes records at the school level, including the number of students, and staff information associated with a course. The export displays records with sections connected to students, but no staff, which will consequently make it much easier to locate staff who did not get pushed into WISE (most likely because they did not have a WISEid or a Local Person ID). Sections with zero students are not displayed to reduce the number of duplicated rows.

Archived Release Notes

WISEid and WISEstaff

Latest Update: 8/30/2022

WISEid and WISEstaff Release Notes

[WISEid] Change Requests page

Added to the Message Center - Change Request page on the View expansion a warning for Birth Date change requests if the proposed birth date is outside the expect range for the person given their most recent student enrollment age adjusted to present date. Warning reads “Warning! The proposed birth date change does not fit the expected age range based on their most recent enrollment.”

[WISEstaff] License Download remove null license rows

Remove from the License Download by Staff List staff with both no valid licenses and no background check expiration date.

Archived Release Notes

WISEadmin Portal, Ed-Fi Credential, and Other WISE Applications

Latest Update: 1/25/2022

WISEadmin Portal Release Notes (Updated 1/25/2022)

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes in this release include:

  • Fixed an issue in which a school's All Students Report Card opt-in status appeared incorrectly.
Ed-Fi Credential Release Notes (Updated 1/25/2022)

[DHS Update] More LEA Information Available on WIR Page

DHS users are now able to see the contact person for an LEA within Ed-Fi Credential. To do so, users can go to the new LEA Info tab under the WIR page.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes in this release include:

  • Fixed an issue where the SIS Vendor column could appear blank on the WIR page.
Other WISE Applications

No current updates.

Archived Release Notes

Website Documentation Updates

Latest Update: 8/18/2022

Data Element Website Documentation Updates
WISE Website Documentation Updates
Uncommon WISEdata Situations Website Documentation Updates

Archived Release Notes

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