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WISE Application Release Notes

WISE Application Release Notes

This page includes release notes for the latest production releases of WISEdata, WISEdash, WISEid, WISEstaff, and other WISE applications such as WISEadmin Portal. You can also learn about new documentation updates in the Website Documentation Updates section. For historical release notes, refer to the Archived Release Notes link under each section.

WISEdata and Ed-Fi Credential Release Notes

Latest Update: 2/20/2024

WISEdata Portal (WDP) and Ed-Fi Release Notes

WISEdata Portal:

WISEdata Portal: Turning Off 2021-22 School Year Data

Data for the 2021-22 school year is no longer visible in WISEdata Portal. The Customer Services Team sent out a communication on January 30, 2024, to inform customers of this change. As of Tuesday, February 20, 2024, this year has been removed from the dropdown menus. WISEdata Portal only carries three years of information, and it is currently displaying: 2022-23, 2023-24, and 2024-25.

WISEdata Portal: New Look for DQ and Home Screens

The new Home page and Data Quality pages are available.

  • The Home screen has improved visual display and text, which both add clarity to all three sections. WISEdata API Transactions for the current three years of data have metrics to align with color coding. The WISEdata Status plainly displays if data is either “Up to Date” or “Out of Sync” and how many data domains are out of sync, if any. The screen also displays the Queue Import and Validation manual option.
  • The Data Quality screen has improved visual display for its three sections. Filters at the top allow for the selection of school year, school type, and specific schools. The Validation Message Summary has bolder sections to display total number of students, a percentage of students with errors or unacknowledged warnings, and a color-coded horizontal bar graph with the distribution of messages that are critical errors (dark red), errors (red), unacknowledged warnings (yellow), and acknowledged warnings (green). The Data Quality Indicators section now just displays a single graph with all filters for attribute (enrollment, attendance, completion, and discipline) and measure (grade level, race/ethnicity, economic disadvantaged status, disability, and ELP code).

The WISEdata Portal Tutorials webpage will have updated mini tutorials for these features soon! Stay tuned!

WISEdata Portal: Edit to Course Identification Codes

Two courses on the course list, DANCE and THEATRE, have been rewritten to read as ‘Dance’ and ‘Theatre,’ removing the ALL CAPS to provide a consistent display across the Course list.

WISEdata Portal: Aging Tag for Validation 6374

6374 is now an Error dealing with overlapping enrollments; previously it was a Warning. With this change from Warning to Error, the ‘Aging’ tag on the WISEdata Portal Validations screen was displaying “N/A” instead of a number. For validations that occurred when this validation rule was still a Warning, N/A will display. For current validations that are Errors, the correct number will display.

WISEdata Portal: Validation 7475 Bug Fixed

Error 7475 was turned off for the past two weeks while a bug was repaired. The Error was displaying incorrectly for Choice schools. This bug has been fixed. The Error is now active again and displaying correctly for Choice schools.

WISEdata Portal: Validation 7471 Timing Out

Error 7471 was turned off for the past two weeks due to performance issues. The Error was timing out for large school districts and failing to complete the rule validation. The Error will require more work to resolve and is planned to be turned on again for the next Release date on March 5, 2024.


Ed-Fi Credential Application


Archived WISEdata and Ed-Fi Release Notes

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WISEid and WISEstaff

Latest Update: 1/25/2024

WISEid and WISEstaff Release Notes


WISEstaff: Create a Download of Each LEA's Preliminary Snapshot Data

We created  a download of each LEA's preliminary snapshot data. This WISEstaff screen where this file is located has been renamed the “Download Staff Files” (formerly called the “Copy Staff Files” page).  We also added a new section at the bottom of this screen, called “Snapshot Data”.  This section contains downloadable files  for Contracts and Assignments (current as of the snapshot date) which are used for the preliminary and final audits.  There are still a few bugs to work out in these download files, however. Currently in testing we still found some Contracts appearing as duplicate rows for the same person. We have aplan in place to fix this in the near future.

WISEstaff: Update Checklist Logic for Audit Reports Tasks

We changed the logic for the Staff Collection Checklist (Step 3a and 4a) using a new audit report system to show if/when the preliminary and final audit reports are ready.

WISEstaff: Updated Title of Assignment Count Report to Match the Report Type

We fixed the title on the Assignment Count Report, as it had been displaying incorrectly when drilling in from the Data Quality Dashboard.

WISEstaff: Validate Staff Data Screen - Refresh Fixed

We improved the display of our system status messaging when clicking the "Refresh Validation" button. We fixed an issue where the Validate Staff Page would temporarily post incorrect results while it was still running.  We also added a "wait indicator" while the validations are running, and are delaying the results from displaying until the job is done.


WISEstaff: Change Agency Screen - Performance Improvement

For users with multiple agencies, the Change Agency page was quite slow to load sometimes. We have improved the performance so that it loads much faster now.

WISEstaff: Miscellaneous Messaging Repairs

We fixed some miscellaneous typos, including incomplete directions and out of date directions.

WISEstaff: Errors 5876 and 5877

We updated the validation KBAs for 5876 and 5877 for assignment 53-0050. It now reads more clearly, better explaining how to resolve the error when there are invalid grade levels uploaded.

WISEstaff: Errors 4611 and 4610

We added better directions to resolve incorrect grade levels for validation 4611 for assignment 53-0800 and 4610 for 53-0808. 

  • 4611 is now “53-0800 cannot be used for grade levels PK or K4. Assignment code 53-0808 Early Childhood Special Education is valid for PK or K4”. 
  • 4610 is now “53-0808 can only be used for grade levels PK and K4 so the assignment is not allowed for this school. Please either change the assignment (53-0800 may apply) or change the school to one that has PK or K4.”


WISEid: Fix Person Upload

We fixed a few errors that occasionally occur when the same Local Person ID is in the Person Upload more than one time (i.e., the Person Local Row Key Unique Constraint Error). 

Archived WISEid and WISEstaff Release Notes

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Latest Update: 2/20/2024

WISEdash for Districts Release Notes

WISEdash for Districts

  • Added user feedback link to WISEdash for Districts homepage.
WISEdash Public Release Notes

WISEdash Public

  • Fixed the notes display in Digital Equity Dashboards.
  • Added Learning Modality Charts in the Attendance area. These will be displayed once 2022-23 becomes available.

Archived WISEdash Release Notes

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WISEadmin Portal and Other WISE Applications

Latest Update: 2/20/2024

WISEadmin Portal Release Notes

WISEadmin Portal: 

WISEadmin Portal: Server Error for 2021-22 SY

On WISEadmin Portal, when LEAs went to export Data Errata letters as a .csv file for the 2021-22 school year, an error would appear on the screen, and the LEA name would not appear. The bug has been fixed, and the application is now displaying and functioning properly.

Other WISE Applications




WISEdata Finance (WDF)


Archived WISEadmin Release Notes

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WISE Website Documentation Updates

Latest Update: 2/20/2024

WISEdata and Data Element Website/Documentation Updates

WISEdata Webpage Updates


Educational Service (PK): School Directory Management Portal

To support the release of the updated School Directory Management Portal in mid-February, the additional data element page for Educational Service (PK) was created. 

WISEstaff User Guide: Manage Staff Data menu, Snapshot Tool in Download Staff Files screen

The WISEstaff Manage Staff Data User Guide has a new feature: the Snapshot Tool on the Download Staff Files screen. (NOTE: Download Staff Files used to be called Copy Forward Files.) Please visit the user Guide to find out how to use this new handy feature so that it can ease your staff certification process. 

WISEdash Website/Documentation Updates

WISEdash for Districts Webpage Updates:


WISEdash Public Portal Webpage Updates:


KBAs for Validations (Errors and Warnings)

If hyperlinks are not in place for listed KBAs, please use the KBA Portal to search.


CTE Errors: KBA Updated

  • Content in KBA for Error 7146 was updated to provide more accurate information on How to Fix.
  • Content in KBA for Error 7461 was updated to provide more accurate information on How to Fix.
Customer Services Team pages (School Directory) and Other WISE Website/Documentation Updates

Customer Services Team Webpage Updates: 


Archived Website Documentation Release Notes

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