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WISE Application Release Notes

WISE Application Release Notes

This page includes release notes for the latest production releases of WISEdata, WISEid, WISEstaff, and other WISE applications such as WISEadmin Portal. You can also learn about new documentation updates in the Website Documentation Updates section. For historical release notes, refer to the Archived Release Notes link under each section.


Latest Update: 05/16/2022

WISEdata Release Notes

New Validation Rules for 22-23 SY:

Courses previously and commonly referred to as "Foreign Language" will now be named "World Languages" to reflect the reality that these languages are spoken by resident communities within the United States as well as others in other nations. New errors will display for the 2022-23 SY when schools that offer grade level 6th-8th do not have World Language course data submitted.

Wisconsin State Statutes require access to world language education beginning in grade 7. Enrollment and Roster data is used for year-to-year comparisons to capture changes in world language participation over time. Because world languages are elective subjects, this information is valuable both for districts and the state. This data is also used for comparisons at the national level, and it may be important for grant applications.

NEW Validation Rules 7187 and 7439: These validation warnings, using the new code EXWL, indicate an error specific to student grade (grade 7-12) and with the course code, as new World Language Program codes are being used. ‘Foreign Language Exploratory Program’ (FLEX) is being replaced with ‘Exploratory World Language Program’ (EXWL).

NEW Validation Rule 7438: Invalid Ancestry Data warning indicates that some aspect of the required Race and Ethnicity data is not being properly reported. Remember that this demographic information should be the same in your SIS as well as in WISEdata and WISEid.

Archived Release Notes

WISEid and WISEstaff

Latest Update: 4/12/2022

WISEid and WISEstaff Release Notes

[WISEid] Report duplicates broken

Fixed the Report Duplicate functionality on the Person Search/Edit screen.

[WISEid/staff] Replace links for user guides

Updated links under the top menu “Need Help?” for the User Guide to go to the latest user guide location.

[WISEstaff] Hotfix acknowledged warnings get deleted

Fixed cases where the acknowledged warnings were getting reset.

[WISEstaff] Hotfix Adjust 53-0808 validation rules

We hotfixed in mid-March to adjust validation for 53-0808 to be clear that 53-0808 can be only used for grade levels K3, PK, and K4. Removed validation 5810 as not needed and modified validation 4610 to “53-0808 can be only used for grade levels K3, PK, K4 so the assignment is not allowed for this school. Please either change the assignment or change school to one that has K3, PK, or K4.”

[WISEstaff] Implement checklist status notifications

Finished work on notifications so the Checklist Progress Alert notification will go out automatically next year if all steps haven’t been completed before preliminary and final certification.

[WISEstaff] Improve Performance on Public Reporting All Staff Report

Improved performance of the Public Reports including most especially the All Staff Report download.

[WISEstaff] Data Quality Dashboard performance

Greatly improved the Data Quality Dashboard so it works quickly for all districts including large districts. We still have performance delays for the Expiring Background Checks and the Expiring Staff License widgets we will fix in the future.

Archived Release Notes

WISEadmin Portal, Ed-Fi Credential, and Other WISE Applications

Latest Update: 1/25/2022

WISEadmin Portal Release Notes (Updated 1/25/2022)

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes in this release include:

  • Fixed an issue in which a school's All Students Report Card opt-in status appeared incorrectly.
Ed-Fi Credential Release Notes (Updated 1/25/2022)

[DHS Update] More LEA Information Available on WIR Page

DHS users are now able to see the contact person for an LEA within Ed-Fi Credential. To do so, users can go to the new LEA Info tab under the WIR page.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes in this release include:

  • Fixed an issue where the SIS Vendor column could appear blank on the WIR page.
Other WISE Applications

No current updates.

Archived Release Notes

Website Documentation Updates

Latest Update: 1/25/2022

Website Documentation Updates

Update to Exit Type Data Element Page

The Exit Type data element page now includes information about evidence of transfer out-of-state for migrant status students. Refer to FAQ #10 for more information.

Archived Release Notes

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