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WISE Application Release Notes

WISE Application Release Notes

This page includes release notes for the latest production releases of WISEdata, WISEid, WISEstaff, and other WISE applications such as WISEadmin Portal. You can also learn about new documentation updates in the Website Documentation Updates section. For historical release notes, refer to the Archived Release Notes link under each section.


Latest Update: 1/24/2023

WISEdata Release Notes

WISE Webpage Updates

On January 31st, the WISEdata Events Calendar will get a new name and a new location - the URL will remain the same.

  • The current name, WISEdata Events Calendar, will change to “WISE Events Calendar” to more accurately represent the many events and trainings that are posted.
  • The current location of the Events Calendar is nested under the WISEdata Help menu. The future location will be nested under the WISE menu.
  • Again, the URL for the Events Calendar will not change.
  • Changes to the name and location will occur on January 31st.


WISEdata Portal (WDP) Updates -

  • Data for the 2020-21 school year is now Read Only on WISEdata Portal, due to the completion of the December 6, 2022, snapshot.

  • The ‘Schools’ filter on WISEdata Portal now lists schools in alphabetical order. The ‘Schools’ filter is located on the following pages in WISEdata Portal:

    • School Roster Details

    • Data Quality

    • Validation Messages

    • Student Search

    • Exports

  • Bug Fix: Another error was resolved around course code 10019 - AP Computer Science Principles. This course has now been added to the SCED 9 course list (Roster Code 6458) as a non-CTE course aligned with SCED 9 code 10019E. This course is now available as a CTE course and as a non-CTE course. For the 2023-24 school year, this course will be mapped BOTH as a CTE (CTE indicator as “Yes”) course, as well as a non-CTE course, properly aligned with all associated rigor levels. SCED 9 is active for 2022-23 school year courses.

A screenshot of the Courses listing for AP Computer Science Principles, CTE Roster Code 6485, and non-CTE Roster Code 16297.

  • Bug Fix: The API view of discipline actions was not displaying accurately. It was not displaying all discipline actions, nor was it displaying all behaviors. A bug fix was implemented to repair this, and both discipline actions and behaviors are now displayed correctly.
  • Bug Fix: The “Queue Import and Validation “ buttons on the WISEdata Portal Home and Validation Message pages have now been synchronized. Once the queue has started, the status will display the same on both pages.

Archived Release Notes

WISEid and WISEstaff

Latest Update: 1/19/2023

WISEid and WISEstaff Release Notes

[WISEid] Remove Deletion of Other Names for LEAs in UI

Disabled the deletion of Other Names in WISEid by LEAs. If you need any Other Names deleted due to mistakes you will need to submit a support ticket. We need previous legal names to remain in Other Names so the person can be found by more recent enrollment LEAs. Otherwise it will result in duplicate WISEids and likely incorrect counting of drop outs. We had previous said for special circumstance changes to names the Other Names they could be removed but found that will cause the issues above so we can’t allow that. If you incorrectly added an Other Name to the wrong person than please submit a Help Ticket to have it removed. In the future when we have time we will create a Change Request to DPI for this type of change.

[WISEid] Merge Selecting of Local Person IDs to Survive Broken

When DPI processes merges when the a Local Person ID was chosen not to be moved from the deactivated WISEid to the surviving WISEid it was not taking effect. We have fixed this issue.

Archived Release Notes

WISEadmin Portal, Ed-Fi Credential, and Other WISE Applications

Latest Update: 1/25/2022

WISEadmin Portal Release Notes (Updated 1/25/2022)

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes in this release include:

  • Fixed an issue in which a school's All Students Report Card opt-in status appeared incorrectly.
Ed-Fi Credential Release Notes (Updated 1/25/2022)

[DHS Update] More LEA Information Available on WIR Page

DHS users are now able to see the contact person for an LEA within Ed-Fi Credential. To do so, users can go to the new LEA Info tab under the WIR page.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes in this release include:

  • Fixed an issue where the SIS Vendor column could appear blank on the WIR page.
Other WISE Applications

No current updates.

Archived Release Notes

Website Documentation Updates

Latest Update: 8/18/2022

Data Element Website Documentation Updates
WISE Website Documentation Updates
Uncommon WISEdata Situations Website Documentation Updates

Archived Release Notes


Latest Update:1/9/2023

12/13/2022 WISEdash

WISEdash for Districts –

  • Snapshots dashboards: Attendance Snapshot Dashboard
    • Fixed bug where Current Dynamic Crosstab was out of balance with the Snapshot Dynamic Crosstab.

Archived Release Notes

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