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Vendor List

Vendor Status List

The following vendors/organizations offer student information systems (SISs) and other products capable of submitting data to WISEdata based on the widely adopted Ed-Fi Alliance StandardsThis list is not a DPI endorsement of vendors. The DPI is unable to endorse specific vendors.

The Vendor Status List contains vendors who have participated in the annual WISEdata Ed-Fi certification process. This is a technical process, providing verification that a vendor system conforms to the Wisconsin Ed-Fi API standard. The test scenarios making up the certification are defined within project list and use case documents. These documents are available to vendors on WI DPI WISEdata Ed-Fi Docs.

Expectations beyond technical certification include: 

  • Attending monthly or as needed vendor calls held by DPI
  • Interacting with DPI via email, phone calls, etc to address LEA needs and mid-year changes
  • Responding to DPI questions and requests for status updates

WISEdata Ed-Fi certification does not cover vendor software configuration needed to meet state reporting requirements. Configuration is managed by the LEA and vendor.

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