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Working With Discipline Data

Discipline is a section of fields in WISEdata to collect student information regarding discipline incidents, discipline behavior, and discipline actions. Wisconsin public schools will submit Discipline data via the WISEdata system for all students in grades PK-12, excluding students in schools within the Department of Corrections and the Department of Health Services, as well as parentally-placed private students. Discipline data is reported annually for all public schools and districts statewide as part of the School District Performance Report (SDPR).

What to Submit:

Only a subset of discipline incident, discipline type, and behavior information should be submitted to DPI.

  1. All expulsions, regardless of duration, should be submitted.

  2. In-school suspensions and interim alternative education setting (IAES) placement disciplines should be submitted only for IDEA eligible students. These students must have an active student special education program association (sSEPA) which includes the discipline date (start date of the removal).

  3. Suspensions (in and out of school) and IAES removals should be submitted only when the student is removed for at least half of the regular school day.

Who should submit Discipline data?

  • Public school districts
  • Non-district independent Charter schools
  • County Children with Disability Education Boards (CCDEB)
  • State schools (Wisconsin Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Wisconsin School for the Deaf)

*Note, Discipline data will NOT be submitted by DOC, DHS, or Choice schools.

Announcements and Updates

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  • Discipline data is submitted through the WISEdata Portal. 

  • DPI will begin reviewing discipline data in early August. 

    • (public schools only)

  • December snapshot date: December 6, 2022

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Discipline Collection Resources

Discipline data submitted to WISEdata will use three resources: Discipline Incident, Student Discipline Incident Association, and Discipline Actions.

Discipline Incident: Discipline Incident defines the incident occurrence. This event entity represents an occurrence of an infraction ranging from a minor behavioral problem that disrupts the orderly functioning of a school or classroom to a criminal act that results in the involvement of a law enforcement official, such as robbery. A single event (e.g., a fight) is one incident regardless of how many perpetrators or victims are involved. Discipline incidents are events classified as warranting discipline action.

Student Discipline Incident Association: Student Discipline Incident Association connects a student who was a perpetrator to a discipline incident and gathers information about the behavior(s) resulting in discipline.

Discipline Actions: Discipline Actions represent actions taken by an educational organization after a disruptive event is recorded as a discipline incident and define the way the student was removed, e.g., out-of-school suspension, as well as many details of the removal.


WISEdata Portal & Validation

Discipline data will flow to WISEdata the way other reported information is pushed from a school’s SIS through to WISEdata. Discipline data will be subject to validation rules just like other information submitted to WISEdata. If the application encounters incorrect or questionable data, it will return validation errors and warnings, respectively. You will need to correct inaccurate data in your SIS and acknowledge any warnings in the WISEdata Portal.

WISEdash for Districts & Reported Data

At a future date, validated Discipline data will move into the WISEdash database nightly and will be available for view the following day in WISEdash for Districts. The anticipated release of Discipline data in WISEdash is not yet determined.

Wisconsin collects and reports discipline data via the School District Public Reporting portal for all students regardless of grade. Data about disciplinary removals and incidents are disaggregated by student demographic group and reported at the state, district, and school levels. Post-suspension/-expulsion data is reported at the state, district, and school levels and is not disaggregated.

For grade-level disaggregation purposes, students below five-year-old kindergarten are counted in a single group called Pre-K, or Pre-Kindergarten. Students in this Pre-K group include students with grade level codes K3, K4, and PK in our individual student data collection.

Students suspended or expelled are reported as a percentage of enrolled students. For any given school year, this percentage is the counted students who were suspended or expelled divided by the total count of enrolled students on the fall (i.e., WISEdata 3rd Friday of September) count date.

For more information about reported Discipline data, please view the WISEdash About the Data - Discipline page.



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