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WISEdata API and WISEdata Portal Help

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WISEdata Portal

The WISEdata Portal application is used to verify that data is pushed from your school information system (SIS) to DPI via the WISEdata API.

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WISE Mini Tutorials                                                      WISEdata Reference Guide for Administrators

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WISEdata Snapshot Timeline

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  • Student Snapshot (including Roster & Career Ed): December 7, 2021
  • Spring Demographic Snapshot: TBD, likely May 2022

WISEdata Validations

Once data is entered into your SIS, your system will push the information to WISEdata for DPI data quality review and reporting. You will need to log in to the WISEdata Portal to review your data and check for inaccuracies that need correcting.

  1. WISEdata Portal: Log in to the WISEdata Portal via WISEhome. For info and instructions about logging in, see the WISEhome Info page.
  2. Review: Check data quality and review validation results. Validation messages come in three types:
    1. Errors: These must be fixed before data can be accepted.
    2. Warnings: These need review and may need fixing, depending on the situation.
  3. Errors: If errors exist, review the error messages and the specific students to which the errors relate.
    • Click the red Error Count icon to view the error list.
    • The arrow icon to the left will expand a message and display all students affected. The error message displayed in the Portal is a short version to maximize rows displayed on a single page. For more detail, review the Knowledge Base article.
    • Make corrections within your SIS as needed.
      • Note: There is lag time between data entry and availability within the WISEdata Portal. Check with your vendor to determine the schedule for pushing data to DPI and if a manual step, such as pushing a button, is required to push updates. Once pushed to DPI, the data will be validated.
  4. Warnings: If warnings exist, the data is possible but questionable. Review the warning messages and the specific students to which the warnings relate.
    • Data found to be in error must be corrected in your local SIS and pushed to DPI.
    • If the data is correct for the student and no changes are needed, then simply acknowledge the warning by checking the box to the left of the student name. Then click Submit.
  5. Metrics: Review enrollment, attendance, and completion metrics for accuracy and completeness.
    • This information is available under Data Quality and Validation Results and must be reviewed. In the filter section above the metric, a download is available to review the specific students included in the metrics.



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