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Roster collects course work data as well as student to teacher links. Wisconsin Public schools will submit Roster data via the WISEdata system for all students excluding those in schools within the Department of Corrections (DOC) and the Department of Health Services (DHS), as well as parentally-placed private students. The data will be documented in your local student information system (SIS) and pushed to WISEdata.

Who should submit Roster data?

  • Public school districts
  • Non-district independent Charter schools
  • County Children with Disability Education Boards (CCDEB)
  • State schools (Wisconsin Center for Blind and Visually Impaired, Wisconsin School for the Deaf)

*Note, Roster data will NOT be submitted by DOC, DHS, or Choice schools.

What data should be submitted for Roster?

  • Data linking teachers to students and course-related data should be submitted.
  • The primary school where the student is enrolled is responsible for submitting course data for the student if the courses are offered by the primary school.
  • For the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years, Roster data is required for only schools with grade levels 7-12, but all schools are encouraged to submit. Complete Roster work before transitioning to the next school year. 

    Specifically for 2017-18, all WISEdata schools are encouraged to submit Roster data, as it allows DPI to pull a starter file for the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) as we have done in prior years. This saves you significant time with that collection.

    • By submitting Roster data schools are able to view their data in WISEdash for Districts dashboards for improvement planning and analysis, as well as for comparison purposes in future years.

    • In addition, all Title III district's Roster data for 2017-18 must include program associations that indicate which type of Language Instructional Education Program (LIEP) are included in their courses.

  • Roster will be required for all schools and all grade levels except PK from 2018-19 forward due to expanded reporting requirements. There will be a snapshot in the 2018-19 SY.

  • The agency that creates a Local Person ID for a staff member and where the staff member is associated to a section should submit staff section data.
    • Note, whenever possible a Local Person ID should be assigned where the staff member is associated with a section offered at one of the agency’s schools, i.e., teaching or assisting a course.

    WISEdata Portal: Exports, Validations, and Data Metrics

    WISEdata Portal will provide export files of the data received by DPI. The first is Student Section Associations, an export of students in course sections. The second export file is Staff Section Associations and provides staff information associated with a section. There are additional exports starting in 2018-19 to display data at a school level, including classes and final grades/marks. DPI recommends that you open these files in Microsoft Excel and review using data filters and Pivot tables to check that course counts, class sizes, and categories are as expected.

    WISEdata Portal will display validation errors and warnings for Roster the way it does for your other submitted data starting in the 2018-19 school year. If you have errors, you will want to resolve them by reviewing the data you entered and working with your SIS vendor to make any necessary changes. Once you have made the updates in your SIS to correct your errors, they will be pushed to WISEdata.

    Roster Data Reporting


    Student Data

    All primary enrollment holders of a student should report Roster information to WISEdata. Report Roster data for all periods of time when a student is/was enrolled in your agency. Students sometimes take multiple courses in multiple schools. The student's primary school should submit Roster data for the courses the student is taking with them.

    Homeschooled and private school students will not have a WISEid currently assigned to your district and should not be included in the Roster data submission. Tutoring activities are not recorded and should not be included in the Roster data submission.

    Staff Data

    Staff data maintained in WISEid is transferred by DPI for use by the WISEdata Roster collection.

    Local Person ID: Only staff members who have a Local Person ID will be loaded into WISEdata, as the Local Person ID is what associates a staff member to an LEA. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as when a school cannot create Local Person ID.

    School SIS software will send Staff Section Associations that connect a staff person to a section, identifying courses to which the staff member is associated and designating the role of the staff person for that class.

    If the hiring agency is the same as the working agency, a Local Person ID will be created for every staff member. A Staff Section Association can then be submitted. However, if the hiring and working agency differ, it is not possible to create a Local Person ID this school year for the staff member at the working agency, so we understand the Staff Section Association will not be submitted in this case.

    For substitutes it is the district's decision whom to report through Roster. Roster will allow multiple teachers to be associated with a single section ID if your district chooses. You may choose to only report the single teacher, the long-term substitute, or both as multiple teachers. DPI asks the districts to discuss these types of reporting issues and set guidelines to report consistently.

    For elementary coursework for any course reported in elementary grades, the school identifies a teacher of record. The school and district decisions in this regard will guide how coursework is reported for students in elementary grades. For example, a student may have a single teacher in charge of English language arts, mathematics, science, and reading, but a specialist may provide instruction in art, music, physical education, or a world language.


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