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Classroom Position Descriptor

Classroom Position Descriptor: Roster

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Classroom Position Descriptor defines the type of position the staff member holds in a specific class/section. The values listed below must apply to the teacher's role in the classroom. Certain options may not apply to any of your staff, as, for example, having administrative staff in the classroom can happen but would be much rarer than having a Primary Instructor in the classroom. This classroom position code is required.

Staff Section Association connects a staff member to a section and gathers information about the course with which the staff member is involved. Staff information will be pulled from WISEid.



USES: This data element ensures specific staff members will be attached to the appropriate section they're teaching at the appropriate times.


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note


  1. FAQs: For more specific information and use cases, please see the Roster page.
  2. Reporting Staff: Staff data maintained in WISEid is transferred by DPI for use by the  WISEdata Roster collection. Only staff members who have a Local Person ID  will be loaded into WISEdata, as the Local Person ID is what associates a staff member to an LEA. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as when a school cannot create a Local Person ID. School SIS software will send Staff Section Associations that connect a staff person to a section, identifying courses to which the staff member is associated and designating the role of the staff person for that class.
    • If the hiring agency is the same as the working agency, a Local Person ID is created for every staff member. A Staff Section Association can then be submitted. 
    • If the hiring and working agencies differ, you may not have a Local Person ID. There are instances where the staff member can only be present in the SIS system and not in the HR system for the working agencies. We generally suggest you create a Local Person ID, so the staff Section Association can be submitted for these staff members. However, in the case it is not possible to create a Local Person ID this school year for the staff member at the working agency, we understand the Staff Section Association will not be submitted.
    • Only report staff working in the classroom setting, though the descriptor you select should reflect the staff member's main position. For instance, in a small district, a principal may have to step in to teach a course when a suitable teacher can't be found. In this case, the principal should be reported because of the role in the classroom, but the principal would be reported as Administrative Staff because that's what his or her primary duties entail.
  3. Course with Technical College Instructor: Students taking a course at a technical college must be associated with a section, course, and a local (district) teacher. In this scenario a monitoring educator from your district may be assigned. The actual teacher at the technical college is NOT submitted to Roster. 
  4. Substitute Teachers: It is the district's decision whom to report through Roster. You may choose to only report the single teacher, the long-term substitute, or both as multiple teachers. DPI asks the districts to discuss these types of reporting issues and set guidelines to report consistently.Roster will allow multiple teachers to be associated with a single section ID if your district chooses. Or, you may report only the primary teacher responsible. School/districts should submit the teacher information in the manner that your district deems to be most appropriate. DPI is neither mandating whether substitutes should be included nor how a substitute should be reported, if included.
  5. Elementary School Teachers: For any course reported in elementary grades, the school identifies a teacher of record. The school and district decisions in this regard will guide how coursework is reported for students in elementary grades. For example, a student may have a single teacher in charge of English language arts, mathematics, science, and reading, but a specialist may provide instruction in art, music, physical education, or a world language. In another scenario, a licensed teacher of physical education may provide two of the three required sessions per week with the classroom teacher providing the third session. In this case the physical education teacher would be responsible for ensuring that the curriculum is taught through appropriate instructional strategies and also for providing guidance to the elementary classroom teacher. Therefore, the physical education teacher would be listed as the teacher of this subject area.
  6. Staff Section Association: Each teacher reported in Roster should have a WISEid and a staff Local Person ID, which is not the same as an Entity ID. The Entity ID is a unique six-digit identifier assigned by Teacher Licensing to individuals when they apply for a license to teach in the State of Wisconsin. For Roster, the staff member's WISEid matches the teacher, linking course and teacher data.
  7. Position Descriptions for Instructors of Special Education: Read the detailed descriptions and submission guidelines for special education classroom instructor positions.

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