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Web Access Management System (WAMS)

The Web Access Management System (WAMS) allows authorized individuals to create Wisconsin User IDs/passwords and grants permissions to access various secure DPI applications. The email address on the WAMS account should be your district email address and must match the email address listed in the WISEid application Email Address field, so DPI can validate your ID and communicate with you at the district. 

WISEhome and other secure DPI applications and tools utilize the WAMS for a login ID and password management. A WAMS ID does not guarantee automatic access to WISEhome or the applications and tools available through WISEhome.  Authorizations to use secure applications and tools are set up by your District Security Administrator (DSA) or District Application Administrator through the WISEsecure tool.

All DPI WISEhome applications allow for a single sign-on using Google. You will find a Log in with Google button when logging in to an application. In order to use the single sign-on feature, you must have a district email that uses the Google domain. This district email address must be associated to your WAMs account and entered in the WISEid application Email Address field. Signing in via the Log in with Google button will allow you to work within any application for which you have access.

Create a   WAMS icon WAMS ID.

Change a  WAMS icon WAMS ID password or email address.

Recover a WAMS icon WAMS ID password if you have forgotten your password.

Enable a   WAMS icon WAMS ID if your ID is disabled.

For more information on WAMS, visit the WAMS Homepage and/or view the WISE Security Mini Tutorial.

District WISEsecure Security Administrators lookup

This tool allows District Security Administrators and Application Administrators to securely assign or remove user access to WISEhome applications, data reporting tools, applications, and tools stored in WISEhome. Application Users can access certain WISEhome applications based upon the designated access.  

Listed below are the District Security Administrator and Application Administrator responsibilities in District WISEsecure Security Administrators lookup application:

  The District Security Administrator can either be the District Administrator (Superintendent) or an individual the District Administrator has appointed. As the District Security Administrator, the individual has the responsibility to assign or remove a district Application Administrator for each WISEhome Application.

  The district Application Administrator for each WISEhome Application has the responsibility to manage Application User access and Application Roles to WISEhome Applications for users within the district. 

District Security Administrator

The District Security Administrator (DSA) is the gatekeeper in the district for managing access to District WISEsecure Security Administrators lookup application for all Application Administrators and access to all WISEhome Applications. The District Security Administrator (DSA) is either the District Administrator or someone to whom the District Administrator has delegated these responsibilities in the district. We recommend the District Security Administrator (DSA) role be streamlined (e.g., only one or two DSAs identified) and that the assigned District Security Administrator (DSA) has a broad knowledge of district functions and applications.

The District Security Administrator (DSA) will be given access to the District WISEsecure Security Administrators lookup application by DPI Application Security Administration after the District Administrator Authorization Form is submitted by the District Administrator and approved by DPI. Once the District Security Administrator (DSA) access is granted to District WISEsecure Security Administrators lookup application, the District Security Administrator (DSA) will log in to WISEhome and assign or remove Application Administrators for each WISEhome Application. District WISEsecure Security Administrators lookup application will generate and send an email to the Application Users assigned or removed, notifying them of their access.

For a list of your district's current District Security Administrators, please check the District Security Administrators page and input your district in the dropdown. 

Note: The DSA and/or the Application Administrator(s) chosen by the district would be similar to a person assigning roles and managing access to the district student information system

Application Administrator

Each secure application needs an assigned Application Administrator to manage user access for a district or school. The Application Administrator can be the same person for each application or someone different depending on the needs of each district or school. An Application Administrator can assign or remove Application Users and User Role permissions to a WISEhome Application.

  The District Security Administrator (DSA) should work with district management to identify the individual(s) who needs to be assigned to the Application Administrator role for each WISEhome Application. 

  An Application Administrator needs a WAMS ID, so the District Security Administrator (DSA) can assign him or her to a WISEhome Application.

  Once the Application Administrator is granted administrator access for a WISEhome Application, he or she can manage Application User access and roles by using the District WISEsecure Security Administrators lookup application

Application User

The Application User (Teachers, Administrators, other district personnel) uses a Secured Home Application based on legitimate educational need. The Application Administrator assigns an Application Role to the Application User, giving the user access to the appropriate level of detail for related work activities.

All Application Users need a WAMS ID before the Application Administrator can set them up with access.

If you have any questions on the process, please submit a ticket through the DPI Online Helpdesk.

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