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WISEid Quick Start Guide for Choice Schools


Brief Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining WISEids for Students

  1. Gather Student information required to request WISEid numbers and enter into your SIS:
    1. Student Legal Name
    2. Race/Ethnicity
    3. Date of Birth
    4. Gender
    5. Parent / Guardian Name and relationship
  2. Export list of students.  Typically a report or utility is available within your local student information system (SIS) that allows you to create a WISEid Person upload file for the students enrolled at your school. Please contact your SIS vendor for questions on how to use the WISEid functions within your product. 
  3. Log in to WISEid via WISEhome
  4. Upload the file from Step two. 
  5. Monitor the Results page until the files show a Complete status.
  6. Review and complete Match reviews.
  7. Review and cancel erroneous  Change Requests.
  8. Download a WISEid by Student Local Person ID file to import WISEids back into your local SIS.
  9. Review records that have upload errors and make corrections within your SIS.
  10. Go back to Step One to resend records with errors and to request WISEids for students who have enrolled since your last upload.

NOTE:  If manual searches are necessary, the process is more involved. Please consult the WISEid User Guide webpage.  

Access and Security

Before beginning, you must have a personal WAMS ID or an approved district email account via WISEhome. For more detailed information and instructions, refer to the WAMS: Detailed Information webpage.

Once you have created a WAMS account, you must be assigned a WISEid user role in WISEsecure by your District Security Administrator (DSA) or WISEid Application Administrator. You can request application access through WISEhome. For complete instructions, refer to the WISEhome and WISEsecure Information page.

Manage Person Data



Search for a WISEid

  • First and last names are required fields. There are other fields to use to narrow down the search results as well.  Please remember to use maiden names and other names as appropriate.  Complete search instructions and helpful hints can be found in the WISEid User Guide: Manage Person Data Menu.

Create a WISEid

  • It is important to use a match if one exists, so a duplicate WISEid does not get created.
  • A new WISEid can be created manually by clicking on the red Create new record icon towards the bottom of the page.

Edit a WISEid

  • At the present time personal information is considered embargoed data, and DPI must enter changes into the application. To make any personal information changes, please submit a Customer Service Desk ticket to DPI.

Report Duplicates

  • Enter the two WISEids.

  • Press the Create Request button.

File Tasks


  • If needed, a sample person file upload template is available.
  • Press Choose File, locate the file, and press Open.
  • Then press Upload.


  • Locate the completed file and click the numbered blue button to review errors on the Error Review screen. The number on the button will indicate the number of file errors to address.
  • Correct any errors until the error count is zero.
  • From the Error Review page, click Results under the File Tasks Menu.
  • Click Download.  A pop-up window opens. Press Save to save the file.
  • Click Open to view the results, which will now include WISEids for each person.

Review Matches

  • Click the Remove button to delete a potential match that is not correct.
  • Click the Review button to review and to work a potential match. 


If you have attached a Local Person ID to a WISEid person, the person list including the WISEid will show up in the Student Download by Local Person ID as a CSV file. If you attached multiple Local Person IDs to the same person, they will show up multiple times – one row per Local Person ID. The CSV file may take a few seconds to download, so please be patient. It will show up in your internet browser file downloads folder when complete. 

Training Material

Self-help training material may be found on the following pages: 

DPI Customer Service Support

Submit questions, comments, and suggestions about the WISEid application or process via a Help Ticket.

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