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Need Help? - Menu in WISEstaff Portal

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Need Help: Overview      WISEstaff Help Ticket      Site Map

User Guide      Get Licensing Help

Need Help: Overview

Use the “Need Help?” screens to get help navigating the new WISEstaff layout, learn more about the staff data collection process, or to report issues with the application.

WISEstaff Help Ticket

Links you directly to the DPI website to open a Help Ticket to report an issue with the WISEstaff application.

Site Map

Allows you to view a list of all WISEstaff screens and locate the primary menu grouping under which they are found. Clicking on any screen link will navigate to that page.

User Guide

Clicking this on the WISEstaff application will bring you to the WISEstaff; Info, help and User Guide webpage. You may also visit WISEtraining to find more training opportunities, and look on the WISE events calendar for any other trainings, webinars and User Group meetings that may help answer your questions.

Get Licensing Help

Links you directly to the DPI Licensing, Educator Advancement and Development (LEAD) website to open a Help Ticket about licensing questions.

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