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WISE Classroom

Welcome to WISE Classroom! The Training Hub for all WISE Applications.


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Virtual Self-Paced Training


The Department of Public Instruction offers many different forms of learning opportunities to ‘get smart’ on our WISE platforms for our WISE application users.

E-learning courses offer learning experiences of a longer duration. Learn the essential application features, submission guidance, requirements, and high-quality data best practices for WISEid and WISEdata. Anyone can benefit from going through these e-learning courses, whether you are brand new to an application or a seasoned user seeking certification status. Each course is broken into manageable lessons that allow for pausing and restarting.

Mini-Tutorials and Quick Training Videos both offer great content about the WISE platforms, but in formats with a shorter time frame. Mini-Tutorials allow users to learn by reading, viewing screenshots, and following step-by-step instructions. Quick Training Videos stay under 3 minutes while providing visual and auditory learning opportunities. With the quick training videos, users may also elect to utilize closed captioning as well.

Whichever format you choose, you may start, stop, and pick back up again as your time and needs allow so that you get the type and amount of training that works best for you.

E-Learning Course Options & Corresponding Lessons

  • WISE User Basics
    • WISE Overview, WISE Security, Data Submission Process, Data Flow, Resources,
    • Certification Quiz Available
  • WISEdata
    • WISEdata Overview, WISEdata Exports, Validations, Roster, Career Education, Discipline
    • Certification Quiz Available
  • WISEdata: Understanding Economically Disadvantaged Status Data Reporting
    • Economically Disadvantaged Status Data, Obtaining Economically Disadvantaged Status Data, Review in WISEdata Portal, Review in WISEdash for Districts, *Certification Quiz
  • WISEid
    • WISEid Overview & Person Menu, WISEid File Tasks Menu, WISEid Reports
    • Certification Quiz Available

Quick Training Videos

Mini Tutorials

WISEsecure and User Roles

WISEdata and WISEdata Portal

WISEstaff and WISEid



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