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Technical Assistance


WISEgrants Technical Assistance



Search for WUFAR Combinations in WISEgrants
Instructions on using the WUFAR Combinations by Grant Report to find WUFAR combinations. 

Managing Notifications and WISEgrants Administrator Role Changes
Instructions on how to customize your notifications and updates on changes to the WISEgrants Administrator Role. 

Message Board Technical Assistance
Information on using the Message Board in WISEgrants. The Message Board is individual to each LEA and contains communications between DPI and the LEA for each grant.

Printing your Budget
Step-by-step instructions on available options for printing budget information from WISEgrants

​Submitting a Claim
Detailed walkthrough of the process for submitting a claim in WISEgrants

Budgeting Information


Title I-A English Language personnel budget combinations
Information on available budget combinations under Title I, Part A for highly-qualified English Language positions.

Flow-through and Preschool WUFAR combinations
This spreadsheet lists the flow-through WUFAR combinations currently available in the WISEgrants budget drop down menu choices as of January 2018. These same combinations are also available in the preschool budget, except for those related to student transition services (work experience). WUFAR combinations of allowed costs are added to the budget software per district request. 

Completing Necessary Forms

Completing Authorization Forms
Authorization Instructions video
Authorization Instructions

Completing Private School Affirmations
Private School Affirmation Instructions video
Private School Affirmation Instructions
2018-2019 ESEA Affirmation of Consultation with Private School Officials form

Applications and Reports


Grant Documents Budget Section

Accessing WISEgrants

Obtaining a WAMS ID
All individuals who wish to access WISEgrants must have a professional WAMS ID. To create or update a WAMS ID using a work e-mail address, go to (this is not a DPI site). 

For additional information:
Getting a WAMS ID: A Quick-Start Guide

Logging in to WISEgrants
Enrolling in WISEgrants infographic - a visual explanation of the security hierarchy

Presentation on WISEgrants security requirements and setting up subrecipient access:
Logging in to WISEgrants video
Logging in to WISEgrants  

Tool for gathering information to assign user access:
WISEgrants Login Worksheet

Accessing WISEgrants Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to frequent questions about logging into and setting up WISEgrants for your organization:
Accessing WISEgrants FAQ

Accessing New and Existing Grants
Answers to frequent questions regarding access to newly added grants (as well as those already existing) in WISEgrants:
Guide to Accessing New and Existing Grants

Useful Links

Secure Home and ASM (Application Security Manager)
For additional information on Secure Home or the DPI's Application Security Manager (ASM) please refer to the Secure Home information page:

Login to Secure Home:

WAMS ID Profile Management:

Reporting confirmed fraud to DPI as required by the State Single Audit Guidelines
Form Submission