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Technical Assistance

Using WISEgrants

How to Get Help with WISEgrants

Contact Your Assigned Application Reviewer: If you have questions about program design or allowable costs, contact your assigned reviewer for that specific grant. On the grant application menu, click the Grant Contacts link, in the DPI Contacts section, see the assigned Application reviewer.

Submit a WISEgrants Help Ticket: If you are experiencing something with your application or claim that you think is a bug or otherwise incorrect, or you have a technical support question, please submit a help ticket. Two guides help to explain how for Subrecipients or DPI Staff.

Accessing WISEgrants

Users must be granted the appropriate application user security role by their agency to view and work with WISEgrants. WISE applications may be accessed with a professional WAMS ID or an approved district email account via WISEhome, a portal that allows authorized users to access their applications and tools in one location and request access to other applications.

Local security administrators grant their staff security roles using WISEsecure. For more information about WISEhome and WISEsecure, refer to the WISEhome and WISEsecure Information page.

* If you are a private school staff member hoping to manage users for the Emergency Assistance for Non-Public Schools (EANS) program, DPI is working through final details and will have more information about the application process and next steps at this link ( by the end of next week (3/5/21).

Obtaining a WAMS ID
Individuals who need to be assigned access to WISEgrants for multiple agencies must have a professional WAMS ID. To create or update a WAMS ID using a work e-mail address, visit the WAMS website (this is not a DPI site). Getting a WAMS ID: A Quick-Start Guide

Completing Necessary Forms

Digitally Authorizing Certifications and Assurances

Uploading ESEA Private School Affirmation and CARES Private School Affirmation Forms

Grant Application Guides for 2020-21

Budgeting and WUFAR Combinations

  • Search for WUFAR Combinations in WISEgrants: Instructions on using the WUFAR Combinations by Grant Report to find all available WUFAR combinations for each grant. 
  • Title I-A English Language personnel budget combinations: Information on available budget combinations under Title I, Part A for highly-qualified English Language positions.

  • Flow-through and Preschool WUFAR combinations: This spreadsheet lists the flow-through WUFAR combinations currently available in the WISEgrants budget drop down menu choices as of January 2018. These same combinations are also available in the preschool budget, except for those related to student transition services (work experience). WUFAR combinations of allowed costs are added to the budget software per district request.

  • Grant Documents Budget Section: Instructions for an additional budget section for select grants. 

  • Printing your Budget: Step-by-step instructions on available options for printing budget information from WISEgrants.

Submitting a Claim

Using the Message Board

  • Message Board Technical Assistance: Information on using the Message Board in WISEgrants. The Message Board is individual to each LEA and contains communications between DPI and the LEA for each grant.

Managing E-mail Notifications and WISEgrants Administrator Role Changes