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Federal Grants Management Technical Assistance

Agencies receiving federal funds through the Department of Public Instruction must adhere to the regulations under the Federal Uniform Grant Guidance (UGG) (2 CFR Part 200), the requirements of the Wisconsin Uniform Financial Accounting Requirements (WUFAR), the federal agency's regulations (such as the Education Department's General Administrative Regulations), and applicable state statutes. Agencies receiving ESEA, IDEA, and Carl Perkins formula funds submit applications for funding through the WISEgrants Web Portal

In addition to technical assistance relating to the WISEgrants web portal, subrecipients will find technical assistance on these pages that apply to their grants regardless of the federal funding source or the DPI team managing the grant award. These are overarching rules that are applicable to all grants. Specific federal program rules (such as those associated with IDEA, ESEA or Perkins) are addressed on those programs' webpages. 

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