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Technical Assistance for Auditors

WISEgrants Technical Assistance for Auditors

State and Federal Grants Updates - Presentation given at the WICPA conference May 2019.

Federal Grants Update - Presentation given at the WICPA conference May 2017.

All auditors must create a WAMS account to access an LEA's Federal grant information from within WISEgrants. 

Question:  Can an Audit firm create one WAMs ID to share among several auditors? 
DPI Response:  DPI’s IT security policy is that a WAMS ID assigned to an application, such as WISEgrants, within DPI's Application Security Manager (ASM) system must be associated with an actual person and not be generically assigned to an agency. The WAMS ID is a secure user ID and password that is needed to access various applications in the department because of student privacy, confidentiality of student data, state and federal privacy laws, district regulations, policies and procedures established to maintain the confidentiality of student data (PII - Personally Identifiable Information). DPI’s use of the Wisconsin Web Access Management System as the tool to protect student PII has been audited by the Legislative Audit Bureau and monitored by the U.S. Department of Education.



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