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The WISEgrants Podcast

Looking to learn more about federal grants, fiscal compliance, and DPI's all-in-one federal grants management portal WISEgrants?

Join us for The WISEgrants Podcast, where members of the WISEgrants team will provide software and federal grant-related updates, with the last 15 minutes of each podcast dedicated to answering questions from the field (either submitted prior to or asked during the session). The structure of the podcast will be free form with no pre-set agenda with the team focusing on providing up-to-the-minute information to the field.

The podcasts will be scheduled for roughly twice a month, with some variation due to holidays, conference schedules, etc. Upcoming dates are posted below, along with a link to register to access the podcast and receive podcast notifications.

All podcasts will be recorded and will be available for your convenient viewing shortly after the podcast airs. 

The WISEgrants Podcast is presented by members of the WISEgrants team and Federal Fiscal Monitoring Consultants:
Rachel Zellmer (Special Education team -
Brielle Glatzel (Title I and School Support team -
Matt Baier (Special Education & Title I and School Support teams –

The WISEgrants team would like to thank the dedicated staff of CESA 4, who have partnered with us to help make this platform for valuable technical assistance available.

Please register for The WISEgrants Podcast. You will receive notifications and the link for the upcoming episodes.

Can't find your registration link?  You can use this link to login to the podcast during showtime.

We're doing a special episode on Tuesday, 8/4/2020, which will cover the ESSER grant, including a walkthrough of the application and additional resources. The registration link for this podcast is the same as our regularly scheduled podcast.


Upcoming Dates (7:45 am to 8:30 am Tuesdays):

August 8/11/2020 8/25/2020
September 9/15/2020 9/29/2020
October 10/13/2020 10/27/2020
November TBA  
December TBA  


Archived Shows:

Date Summary Recording
8/4/20 VERY SPECIAL EPISODE - ESSERF Grant Application walkthrough View
7/28/20 IDEA Maintenance of Effort scenario calculator - CARES Act:  GEER Funds - ESSERF allowable costs technical assistance - ESSERF application: Ensuring Equitable Access - Equitable Participation View

Tydings Waiver for ESEA and IDEA - Final Claims required for all Grants/Subbudgets - 2020-21 Timeline reminders - Squirrel/Birdfeeder Hyjinx - 1505/1505Se Annual Reports submission begins July 20 

ESSER:  Allowable Activities - WUFAR functions/objects - Terminology - Poverty Measurement Tools - Equitable Participation 


Fiscal New Year's Eve!       Application end-of-year reminders - Budgeting Personnel that require a license check - Claiming Indirect and Indirect Cost Recovery TA - Final claims reminders - Detailed Ledger Report - GEPA Assurances

ESSER:  Application updates - Equitable Participation application functionality - CARES Act affirmation forms can be uploaded - Assurances will be available next week, 7/6/20 (and not the morning of the podcast, as mentioned during the podcast)


Formula grants timeline reminders (Assurances/Affirmation Forms/Applications) - TV-B Update - Changes to Staff position/area terminology in budgets - Tydings waiver for ESEA and IDEA formula grants - IDEA Maintenance of Effort

ESSER:  Application updates - Equitable participation questions - Q&A

6/2/20 Formula Grants Now Open / Important Due Dates - Technical Assistance / Grant/Budget Reminders - Changes to TI-A Homeless and Neglected Reservations - ESSER Fund updates and TA / ESSER Equitable Participation and Allowable Costs View
5/19/20 IDEA and ESEA allocations status - Application timeline - IDEA Flow-through application and new Forms section (Model Policies and Procedures) - CARES Act/ESSER Funds update - Questions around ESSER Funds and equitable participation View
5/12/20 WISEgrants Search for Menu item - ESEA and IDEA assurances - Grant Awards - Auditor access and TA - ESEA Equitable Participation and Private School Affirmation forms - CARES Act/ESSER Funds grant Q&A - IDEA Maintenance of Effort - SFS FAQ View
4/28/20 WISEhome and WISEsecure updates - User and authorization access - Notification management screen - SFS FAQ (employee compensation during extraordinary circumstances sample policy/time and effort documentation) - Update on CARES Act and Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund - Timeline for ESEA and IDEA formula grants for 2020-21 - IDEA Equitable Services steps and monitoring View


Welcome back!

Introductions - format and schedule information - WISEgrants updates - COVID-19: DPI page, SFS FAQ, and SPED page - CARES Act/Federal waiver information - Assurances, Affirmations, and Allocations information timeline for 2020-21