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The WISEgrants Podcast

Looking to learn more about federal grants, fiscal compliance, and DPI's all-in-one federal grants management portal WISEgrants?

Join us for The WISEgrants Podcast, where members of the WISEgrants team will provide software and federal grant-related updates, and the field can ask questions during the time slot. The structure of the podcast will be free form with no pre-set agenda with the team focusing on providing up-to-the-minute information to the field.

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The podcasts will be scheduled for roughly twice a month, with some variation due to holidays, conference schedules, etc. Upcoming dates are posted below, along with a link to register to access the podcast and receive podcast notifications. All podcasts will be recorded and will be available for your convenient viewing shortly after the podcast airs. 

The WISEgrants team would like to thank the dedicated staff of CESA 4, who have partnered with us to help make this platform for valuable technical assistance available.

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Upcoming Dates (7:45 am to 8:30 am Tuesdays):


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July 9 23
August 6 20
September 17  
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Recorded Podcasts:

(Also available, recordings prior to September 2021)

Date Summary  
4/16/24 New dates for Podcast (see above!); Federal Assurances for ESEA and IDEA are not published yet, but will be due July 1 - announcement will be sent out; brief update on preliminary IDEA and ESEA allocations; ESEA Private School Affirmations for FY 2024-2025; Updates on Stronger Connections - focus on Private School Affirmations  
3/19/24 ESF Reporting - Open and Available; Updates on LETRS Funding for FY 2023-2024; collecting information regarding which schools are under a real property title for purposes of remodeling and construction using federal funds View
3/5/24 All ESEA Titles Carryover Loaded in FY 2023-2024, explanation of why Title I School-Level allocations may need to be adjusted; Resources provided for ESEA Private School Consultation including Affirmation Forms; and FY 2024-2025 Perkins CTE Formula Application Open - Demo Provided View
2/6/24 Reminder of the Federal Funding Conferece (February 26-27); FY 2023-2024 IDEA MOE Eligibility and steps necessary if not being met; Verifying decreases in the October 1 Child Count for purposes of IDEA MOE compliance; Title I carryover has been loaded; Updates on ESEA Universal Monitoring; ESEA Centralized Enrollment and planning for FY 2024-2025 View
1/23/24 Touched upon School-Level Reporting and announced that the Special Education High Cost Program (managed by the School Financial Services team) is open for FY 2022-2023 student costs; Charter School grants are open; a deep discussion on ESEA Universal Monitoring & ARPA LETRS Participation (due February 16, 2023) View
12/12/23 ARPA LETRS - Prior Year Unspent Funds loaded as Allocations in FY 2023-2024, ability to participate in FY 2023-2024 (or ask for additional funds) also available in WISEgrants - updated technical assistance to come soon, but the Podcast goes over the steps; ESEA Universal Monitoring Notifications View
11/14/23 IDEA MOE; Tydings; Carryover View
10/31/23 New Technical Assistance menu feature; Alternative Assessment Justification; APRA LETRS Grant 2023-24; IDEA MOE; Data Quality checks for IDEA View
10/17/23 Title I Comparability View
10/3/23 Safe Return to In-Person and Continuity Services sailed off into the sun on 9/30/2023; ESEA and ESF Monitoring Updates for FY 2023-2024; ESSER II Final Claim deadlines; and ending with a thorough explanation of the usual Final Claim process for standard formula grants (IDEA / ESEA) and the difference from drawing down the FY 2021-2022 Tydings amounts through the new fiscal year's first quarter claim.  View
8/22/23 General updates; Special Education No Valid License - Reclassify the costs to Project 019 if there was no license last year - "Pending" will most likely NOT result in back-dated licenses; Explained when the "Obligated" column on the grant claims are used in conjunction with Tydings amounts View
7/25/23 Announcement of WISEdata Finance podcasts; Looking at IDEA MOE for FY 2022-2023 for WISEdata Finance issues first; walk-through of the Special Education No-Valid License Audit report requirements (no auditors this time);  View
7/11/23 Discussion on Tydings (several formula funds from FY 2021-2022 "expire" on 9/30/2023), tips on cleaning up budget validations at the end of the fiscal year, FY 2022-2023 IDEA Maintenance of Effort compliance, some ESEA End of Year report updates View
6/27/23 Special Education Teacher / Related Services / Pupil Services license reminders and the new FY 2022-2023 No-Valid Special Education License Audit check process; ESEA End of Year Report updates View
6/13/23 Opening of IDEA Formula Applications and ESEA Applications (there is a part in the middle where the recording)  View
5/16/23 ESEA Centralized Enrollment screens - walk through the new process View
5/4/23 Webinar with Matt Baier and Rachel Zellmer:  FY 2021-2022 IDEA MOE Compliance - WISEdata Finance Corrections  
5/2/23 ESSER Updates (brief), ESEA Centralized Enrollment screens for FY 2023-2024, brief comments on Perkins CTE applications and addressing application issues View
4/18/23 Claiming FY 2021-2022 Funds (focus on ESSER II and IDEA ARPA Funds, demo of the IDEA ARPA Drawdown Report); Forecast of ESEA and IDEA formula grant application opening - changes to CCEIS LEA-Level Planning process, ESEA Centralized Enrollment screens and Private School Pooling and Budgeting.  View
3/21/23 Conference Updates and location of Federal Funding Conference materials; ESSER III and Project Codes; Title I Grant Coordinator Directory for Equitable Participation - new in feature WISEgrants; ESF Reporting; After School & Out of School Grants under ESF updates; and Perkins CTE Applications open for FY 2022-2023.  View
3/7/23 Federal Funding Conference recap; IDEA Maintenance of Effort FY 2021-2022 is NOT closed for monitoring, most LEAs will be contacted - went over the three things LEAs should check to see if they are in the clear or not; and ESF Reporting / ESF Office Hours. View
1/24/23 A variety of miscellaneous topics... View
1/10/23 Federal Funding Conference announcement; demo of the Stimulus Grants Grant Summary Panel (spanning fiscal years); demo of the reorganized Reports Menu with a focus on the "DPI Contacts" report; glance at IDEA MOE Eligibility for FY 2023-2024.  View
12/13/22 Much discussion regarding IDEA MOE Compliance for FY 2021-2022 and the various things discovered when analyzing financial data pushed to WISEdata Finance (focusing on Fund 27). Please note that the action items in this podcast are still being worked on as of 1/24/23 - IDEA MOE compliance has not yet been resolved.  View
11/15/22 (November 1 Podcast was canceled). Overview of ESEA self-assessment and monitoring (with Kyle Peaden); Alternate Assessment - Data Available and Exceeding 1% Participation and Justification process View
10/18/22 Vehicle Request process for Special Education Categorical Aid (versus IDEA funding); Title I Carryover Limit and Tydings Concerns; Title I Comparability Report update (including information on LEAs that have been histoically exempt); IDEA Comprehensive CEIS application review process View
10/4/22 Review and demo of the ARPA LETRS reimbursement application for FY 2022-2023 - allocations will be loaded on Tuesday, October 11; Issue with the "Final Claims due" notification that was accidentally sent out for ESSER grants - only relevant for traditional formula grants such as IDEA and ESEA; updates on SFS annual report due dates; and reminder of Title I Comparability due date.  View
9/20/22 Unique Entity ID update explaining the process for submitting the information to DPI if it is missing; Review of the Tydings timeline with a focus on submitting FY 2022-2023 claims with a report period ending date of 9/30 (not that a claim is due 9/30); Update on IDEA Maintenance of Effort - many LEAs are failing all four comparison tests due to lack of updated WISEdata Finance data or inaccurate data; Review of the Title I Comparability materials; very brief remarks on ARPA LETRS reimbursement for FY 2022-2023, more detail to be shared in the 10/4 podcast.  View
8/23/22 Very brief podcast, Brielle was the only presenter.  View
8/9/22 Bipartison Safer Communities Act (new Federal assurance); Get Kids Ahead funding exempt from Single Audit review; Preparing for the Single Audit technical assistance review; WUFAR accounts that must be updated to successfully submit 1505 Annual Reports and WISEdata Finance information (having significant impact on IDEA MOE) - Detailed Pupil Services / Special Ed WUFAR Accounts ; Tydings and Carryover reminders.  View
6/28/22 ESEA Coordinator Timeline and Calendar; ARPA LETRS Participation Acknowledgement due July 8, 2022; Information regarding UEI (DUNS Number Replacement) and DPI Payments View
6/14/22 Posting of IDEA and ESEA Preliminary Allocations;  ESEA Private School Affirmation Forms; Overview of ARPA LETRS reimbursement opportunity; IDEA & ESEA Assurances due July 1 View
5/3/22 General FY 2022-2023 Federal Grant Timelines; End of Year Report Update; IDEA MOE Compliance Open  View
4/19/22 ESF Reporting Updates; IDEA ARPA Fund Report; Allocation Timelines View
4/5/22 ESF Reporting - Next Fiscal Year/Grants Setup - WASBO Virtual Federal Funding Conference - IDEA MOE - IDEA ARPA Reporting View
3/22/22 ESEA Equitable Participation - ESF Reporting - Title I Network Updates View
3/8/22 Conference updates - ESSER Equitable Participation Monitoring - General Updates - Q&A View
2/22/22 Federal Funding Conference - IDEA MOE - WISEgrants/WISEdata Finance/WUFAR - Additional Stimulus Funding / ESSER Reporting  View
1/25/22 ESSER III Budgets - ESEA Carryover - Federal Funding Conference - IDEA MOE/WISEdata Finance - Alternative Assessments View
11/16/21 Stimulus Funds Quarterly Claims - Coding Capital Lease Payments - ESSER III LEA Plan / EBIS / Budgeting - ARP IDEA Project Codes  View
11/2/21 TI Comparability - 1505-SE Reconciliation and Oct. 1 Child Count - IDEA Formula Budget Review - Stimulus Grants Updates View
10/19/21 ARP Homeless Children and Youth Grant (Round Two) - ESSER II In-Person Allocations added - ESSER III Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan - Title I-A Carryover Waiver - Title I-A Comparability View
9/21/21 3rd Friday Count requirements - Preliminary Carryover / TI Carryover - TI Comparability - ESSER III timeline - Updates to Tydings reports for ESEA - Finalizing IDEA MOE - PI-1207 Report (Opening and Deadlines / LEA Responsibility) View


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