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WISEdata is a multi-vendor, open data collection system that allows school districts, Charter schools, and private schools participating in a parental choice program to submit data to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) from the Student Information System (SIS) vendor of their choice.

Why WISEdata?

Under the plan approved by the legislature, DPI created the system to address the following:

  • Meet all required state and federal reporting mandates.  Only data which are state and federal legislatively mandated and required are to be submitted in the system.
  • Create value at the school and classroom level by presenting data through the district WISEdash data portal to support instructional decision-making.
  • Eliminate duplicate data collection tools and processes work by school district, Charter school, private school, and department staff.
  • Partner with SIS vendors on data collection standards making high quality data available more easily and frequently.


WISEdata Objectives 

1.  Provide Privacy Protection to Users

The system includes an integrated Access Management System that allows districts flexibility, while maintaining privacy and security in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and Wisconsin statutes. The system provides the right people with the right access to the right data at the right time, while ensuring that districts and schools maintain local control over granting user rights to secure DPI applications.

2.  Provide Unique ID Numbers for Students and Staff

The system creates a single, secure, and consistent statewide identification number assignment system to be used for both staff and students that protects and safeguards data. The system consolidates the student unique ID generation system and a new staff unique ID generation into one interface, resulting in efficiencies in support, training, security, and application maintenance while also improving data quality.

3.  Replace Outdated Data Collection Software

The department created a data collection system that is adaptable to changing federal and legislative requirements. Instead of collecting specific data through many different software applications and interfaces, the new system involves districts sending required data to the department with one tool. This also saves districts time, as it eliminates the need for them to create specific file exports for specific collections. The project calls for partnering with school districts’ SIS vendors to automate processes and validate data integrity to ensure accuracy. This is critical to ensure the legislatively-required data is of the highest possible quality.

4.  Integrate the New Data Collection Systems with the Department’s Data Warehouse

The department integrated the new data collection system with WISEdash, the Wisconsin K-12 data warehouse. This impacts both the secured version of WISEdash (WISEdash for Districts), accessible only to school district staff, and the public version (WISEdash Public Portal).