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Snapshot Preparation Guidance


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What is a Snapshot?


LEAs collect and share data with DPI every day. The data is live, and ever-changing as corrections are made, new information is added and updates are made.

A snapshot is static - it is taken on a predetermined date. On that date at 9:00 AM (CT) the collection process starts. It is recommend that LEAs focus on resolving existing errors well in advance of the designated snapshot date.

In general terms, snapshots are pieces of data that are copied from active, dynamic tables in the DPI Data Warehouse (DW) at a specific point of time to a “permanent” location. The ‘permanency’ of a snapshot is useful in that it supports current and future, short-term and longitudinal data reporting and data study. The ‘static’ nature of a snapshot also facilitates reporting from an unchanging set of attributes because it provides consistent, repeatable query results that are unaffected by the dynamics of real-world changes and corrections.

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Who Participates in Snapshot?



All LEAs that submit data to DPI participate in snapshot reporting.

There are different criteria for different types of LEAs


LEAs collect the following demographics for all students:

  • Race/Ethnicity

  • Gender

  • Grade Level

  • Disability Status

  • Economically Disadvantaged Status

  • Food Services Eligibility

Only for public schools, these additional data elements are required:

  • English Language Learner

  • Homeless
  • Migrant Status
    • NOTE: LEAs do not submit this data directly; LEAs are verifying the data imported into WISE from MIS2000.
  • Parent in Military

For a detailed list on snapshot requirements, visit the WISEdata Annual Tasks Checklist page, Annual WISEdata Snapshot Collection section. Extend the accordions to see a full list of all snapshot data requirements. 

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Why Do Snapshots?


Snapshots will serve as the permanent data source for certified reporting by DPI. Snapshot data is used for the following:

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Snapshot Preparation and Timeline: 2023-24 SY

Tuesday, December 5, 2023: Student Snapshot. 

On this day at 9:00 am (CT) the orange "Queue Import & Validation" button in the WISEdata Portal is disabled, preventing LEAs from manually triggering the validation processes. To support accurate data collection and preempt the need for an errata letter to record changes post-snapshot, we recommend that LEAs to proactively address issues well before snapshot day.

Table providing a visual display of the data elements collected for the December snapshot. Same information is provided below in a list.

Data elements collected by BOTH Public and Choice schools:

  • 2022-23 Year End Completion: Attendance, Career Education, Completion, Credential Type, Discipline, Roster, and Transcripts

  • 2023-24 Third Friday of September Enrollment

  • 2023-24 October 1 Child Count of students with disabilities

  • 2023-24 High School Graduation Requirements (Graduation Plan is submitted through WISEdata. More info available on the Graduation Plan Type data element page and the DPI Graduation Requirements webpage.)

  • 2023-24 District Library Plan (Submitted through WISEadmin Portal)

  • All student demographics: Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Grade Level, Disability Status, Economic Disadvantaged Status, Food Service Eligibility

  • 2023-24 Digital Equity data (Not required but strongly recommended)

May 2024 ~TBD: Spring Demographic Snapshot

Table providing a visual display of the data elements collected for May snapshot. Same information is provided below in a list.

Data elements collected by BOTH Public and Choice schools:

  • Disability Status
  • Grade Level
  • Gender
  • Economic Disadvantage
  • Food Service Eligibility
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Additional Public Only Demographics: Migrant Status (see note about Migrant data above), ELL Status, Homeless, Parent in Military


Track important dates and deadlines in the WISE Events Calendar:

  • December 5, 2023 - date of December snapshot for 2023-24 school year

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Snapshot Preparation Slides and Webinars From the 2022-23 School Year


Public Schools Snapshot Preparation Materials 


2022-23 Public School Webinar

2023-24 Snapshot Preparation Presentation will be posted after November 15, 2023.


Choice School Snapshot Preparation Materials



2023-24 School Choice Webinar

Wisconsin Choice Data Snapshot Prep

Will be posted after November 1, 2023

Charter Schools Snapshot Preparation Materials


2023-24 Charter School Webinar

Video will be posted after November 8, 2024


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Snapshot and Data Errata


The data sent to WISEdata Portal by Wisconsin schools through their Student Information System(s) (SIS) is a 'live' collection. It is constantly changing with updates, corrections and new submissions. 

As stated in the introduction: a snapshot is static - it is taken on a predetermined date to capture the data that exists in WISEdash at the time of the snapshot.

The DPI Customer Services Team has an extensive process of reaching out to our stakeholders by conducting Data Quality outreach (where we reach out to LEAs via electronic communications and phone calls) every August, and continues this through December by answering Help Tickets all they up until the December snapshot date. 

What is Data Errata?

Translation of this Latin phrase means, "a correction of published information." Despite all of our best efforts to get data accurate, this process is not perfect and there are times when data is misreported or not reported in time to be accurately represented on the snapshot report. This is when data errata letters come in to play.


Once the snapshot has been taken, that report is permanently frozen as is on WISEdash, much as we are in a family photo - it is how we look at that point in time. So, while the snapshot itself cannot be altered, LEAs still have an opportunity to provide the most accurate information they can writing a letter that states the nature of the data errors that were reflected on a snapshot report. 

Steps in the Data Errata Process:

  1. Correct all incorrect data in the WISEdata Portal.
  2. Write your Data Errata letter. Do not include any personally identifiable information as Data Errata letters are published publicly. Visit the data errata webpage and the data errata WISEstaff data collection page for examples on how to present your corrections with high level language, and other information.
  3. Data Errata letters are submitted through the WISEadmin Portal.There is additional information on how to submit a Data Errata letter via WISEadmin on the WISEadmin Portal: Info, Help and User Guide webpage in the Data Errata Screen section in the event your LEA does need to submit one. 
    1. If you do not have access to WISEadmin, reach out to your district staff first. You can also visit the WISEhome login page, click, "Need Help Signing In?" and then select one of the available questions that best addresses your situation.   

What Data Errata is NOT

It must be very strongly understood, however, that the Data Errata letter does not work as an alternative to getting one's data prepared for snapshot ahead of time. Every LEA is responsible for their Data Quality. 

Your Feedback Matters

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Snapshot FAQs

  1. What are the differences between the snapshot dashboards and the topic dashboards in WISEdash for Districts?

    • The Snapshot dashboards in WISEdash for Districts provide users with tools to query data captured in a snapshot and compare that data to their district’s current data from the main DW tables. These comparisons can help the district identify and correct data reporting deficiencies in preparation for a future snapshot event. For more information on the snapshot dashboards please see the About the Data Snapshots page. Note that the snapshot dashboards provide a way for districts to select the set of students that are/were attending a selected district/school or that are/were accountable by, but not necessarily attending, a given district/school.

    • The topic dashboards in WISEdash for Districts only show data based on the attending district or school/the district that submitted the student records through WISEdata.

  2. Why doesn’t data in the WISEdata Portal match data in WISEdash for Districts?

    • Data flows nightly from WISEdata into WISEdash for Districts. Note that any data with errors have the potential to impact the data you see in the dashboards. Specific errors that result in data not flowing from WISEdata to WISEdash are noted by the ‘critical’ icon in the WISEdata Portal.

  3. Will a student who transferred out continue to show in the WISEdash dashboard?

    • Whether or not a student shows in the dashboard depends on where the student went after leaving your district. If the student transferred to another reporting agency, such as another public district, all reporting accountability follows to the new agency. If the student transferred out of state, homeschool, or to a non-choice private school, your district is still accountable for the student's data as the last reporting agency in WISE for the current school year.

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