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Choice Schools: Yearly Data Reporting Resources

Private Schools and WISEdata


Private schools have data reporting obligations to submit to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). This webpage was designed specifically for private schools to know what those reporting obligations are.

Information is provided in checklists for key times during the school year:

  • Beginning of each new school year,
  • December snapshot,
  • May snapshot, and
  • End of the school year.
New School Year Checklist
  1. WAMS ID obtained for school specific use.

    • If you have a personal WAMS ID, please generate a school-specific WAMS ID.

  2. District Security Administrator (DSA) tasks completed, including the DSA Form. (Choice Administrator must be the first account setup in WISEsecure for your school. submit). NOTE: The Choice administrator will automatically be assigned all roles when the DSA role is assigned.

  3. WISE User Roles set up for staff to access secure reporting applications. Only the Choice Admin/DSA designee may assign access.
    • Set Up New WISEdata Users: How To Assign Access to WISEhome Applications
      • Ed-Fi Credential
      • PI-1207
      • SAFE
      • School Directory
      • WISEadmin Portal - NOTE: Agency Contacts should be specific for each SCHOOL
      • WISEid
      • WISEdata
      • WISEsecure
      • NOTE: Choice schools do not collect staff data, so WISEstaff is not required
  4. Update Agency Contacts: for each WISE application
  5. School Directory: complete the annual required School Directory updates.
  6. PI-1207 Report: submit all required PI-1207 information.
  7.  Private School Choice Programs, Online Application System (OAS): submit all required OAS information.
  8. Student Information System (SIS) Software/Vendor Tool: select one to fit the needs of your school.
    1. SIS Vendor Certification Status
    2. SIS Conversion Guidance
  9. Enable WISEdata Ed-Fi Credential API by making sure your URLs are current and your Key/Secret are correct
  10. WISEid upload, enter the following student information entered into your student information system (SIS). File layouts and templates are available.
  11. Opt-In or Opt-Out of the Private School - All Students Report Card Selection. Choice schools are required to select an option:
  12. School Enrollment paperwork requires ALL of the following data elements:

    1. Achievement Category

    2. Attendance

    3. Birth Date

    4. Choice School Program Participation

    5. Count Inclusion: 3rd Friday of September

    6. Credential Type

    7. Disability

    8. Economically Disadvantaged Status

    9. ELP Code, required for Choice schools participating in Title III services

    10. Enrollment and Exit Date

    11. Enrollment Type

    12. Exit Types

    13. Food Service Eligibility Begin and End Dates

    14. Gender

    15. Grade Level Placement

    16. Local Person ID/Type

    17. Migrant Status - not required, but highly recommended

    18. Multiple Birth Status

    19. Parent/Guardian
    20. Parent/Guardian Name
    21. Primary Service Provider
    22. Race and Ethnicity Data
    23. Receiving Services on a Count Date
    24. Report Card Selection
    25. Student Name (Legal and Other Names)
    26. Term Completion Indicator
    27. WISEid
    28. WISEsecure Role
December and May Snapshots

Please visit the following web pages for detailed information on snapshot data collection:

  • WISEdata Annual Tasks Checklist
  • Snapshot Preparation Guidance
  • Snapshot Data Quality Auditing Information
  • WISEdash Extracts for Choice Schools
    • Log into WISEdata Portal via WISEhome. Under the Agency menu, click the Exports tab. Download the extract you want to see:
      • Graduation & HS Completion Rate:
        • To be viewed by schools with grade 12 enrollments.
        • This report shows students included in the numerator and denominator of the Graduation Rate (Regular Diploma) and High School Completion Rate.
      • Graduate Future Cohorts:
        • To be viewed by all schools with grade levels 9-12. By verifying a student’s first enrollment in high school (typically grade 9), DPi understands the school year which DPI.
        • This report shows the cohort for high school completion in which a student is placed based on grade level and school year of their first entry into high school.
      • Dropout Rate:
        • To be viewed by schools with grade 12 enrollments.
        • This report shows students included in the numerator and denominator of the annual dropout rate.
      • Absenteeism:
    • WISEdash Extracts are intended to help Choice schools access graduation and dropout rate information made available only in WISEdash for Districts. WISEdash Extracts work similarly to normal WISEdata Portal exports, allowing Choice schools to download reports they can use to track graduation cohorts and calculate graduation, high school completion, and dropout rates.
End of the Year Checklist
  1. Review WISEdata Portal Data Quality Alerts and Data Quality Indicators

    • Vendor Resources

  2. WISEdata Portal Resources Tab

    • Vendor Resources

  3. Data Element ‘Close Out’ Tasks:

  4. Start Preparing Enrollment Documents for New School Year.

  5. Title Services Consultation: The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires each state to identify an Ombudsman to work with private schools and public school districts to ensure equitable services are appropriately provided. DPI has contracted with the Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools (WCRIS) to be Wisconsin’s Ombudsman. All equitable service inquiries should be directed to

    • If receiving Title I services, consult with your LEA to determine what economic data is available and should be reported.

    • If receiving Title III services, work with LEA to have students assessed with ACCESS to report ELP (English Language Proficiency).

    • For additional information, visit the Title I and School Support page or contact the Title I and School Support Team at (608) 267-3721 or


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