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Local Person ID/Type

Local Person ID/Type: WISEid/WISEstaff/Roster

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Local Person ID is a unique field used by an agency to cross-reference and join a local system’s person ID to the state system’s WISEid. This is a required field. Assigning a Local Person ID to a student or staff allows a district to "claim" or link the district to that person. This is essential because the person's unique WISEid record is shared among any district associated with that staff or student; therefore, in order to send data for a particular person from your district, you need to assign a Local Person ID. If you don't populate the Local Person ID field, those person records are not pulled during a student or staff download file.

You can enter up to 50 characters in the same free text format when uploading for both staff or students.  

Staff members who need to be associated to a section in Roster are also required to have Local Person IDs assigned. Schools must assign staff both a WISEid and Local Person ID to properly pull into WISEdata for Roster.

Local Person ID Type defines whether the ID is for a staff or student. If a person is both a student and a staff member at an agency, there would be a row for each with one set to Student and the other to Staff.

USES: This data element is required for Choice and public schools. Both Local Person ID fields can help districts match records when DPI returns the WISEids for students. A second Local Person ID could be a special education student ID, any other ID used in local student data files, or other locally-used data.


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note

  1. Local Person ID Assignment: The Local Person ID is not the WISEid but rather an identifier assigned by your SIS, HR system, or other local district software for each school. It will be useful for local purposes and is needed for WISEid and WISEdata. Local person ID is needed for Roster student and staff data associations.
    1. Social Security Numbers should never be used as Local Person IDs, nor should any other personally identifiable information.
  2. Local Person ID 2: This field is optional and for local use only.
  3. Local Person IDs for Roster: Local Person IDs are required to submit Roster Staff Section Associations. For more about this topic, see the KBA Local Person IDs & Their Relationship to Roster.
  • You can also refer to the Roster page for more information. 

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