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Key Performance Indicators

WISEdash Key Performance Indicators

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Through WISEadmin Portal, district administrators can quickly access key performance indicators (KPIs) such as enrollment data and year end data in WISEdash for Districts. The Enrollment and Year End dashboards in WISEdash for Districts is designed to let administrators view enrollment and year end data for their district at a glance and easily filter the data by school or school type.

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Enrollment Dashboard

To use this feature and view the Enrollment dashboard, first log into WISEhome and select WISEadmin Portal, then select WISEdash Key Performance Indicators. This opens the Enrollment dashboard for your district in WISEdash for Districts.

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In the Enrollment dashboard, you can see data quality indicators for the current school year, such as current enrollment, Third Friday in September enrollment, and October 1 child count data, in green, or certified data aggregated from the past three years of snapshots in purple.

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By default, the dashboard shows data across your district, with the current year's data broken down by school and certified data broken down by school year. You can filter the data by clicking the Filter button and selecting school types or specific schools. Using these filters will let you view data for a specific group of schools in your district instead of the whole district at once.

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Year End Dashboard

Once you're in WISEdash, you can also open the Year End dashboard. To do so, select Year End at the top of the screen.

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In the Year End dashboard, you can view data as of the end of the previous school year, including the four-year graduation rate, dropout rate, chronically absent rate, school completion outcomes, and other important year end data. Like the Enrollment dashboard, current data is shown in green, while certified data from previous snapshots appears in purple. You can also filter the data by school type or school.

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