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WISEdash for Districts Enrollment Dashboards

Enrollment Dashboards | Dashboard Notes

WISEdash for Districts Enrollment Dashboards


WISEdash is an effective tool for enrollment trend analysis and comparison across multiple demographic factors. WISEdash provides two dashboards to view enrollment data: Enrollment by Subgroup and Enrollment-All Subgroups.

Charts on the “Enrollment - All Subgroups” dashboard, as well as the first chart on the “Enrollment by Subgroup” dashboard, reflect “current” enrollment which are the students that have an enrollment record from WISEdata encompassing “today” (i.e., the date that the dashboard is accessed). In contrast, be aware that the “Total Students Enrolled by Year” chart on the Summary dashboard displays “any” enrollment for both current and prior years. This count will be greater than or equal to the count on the “Enrollment by Subgroup” dashboard.

On the “Enrollment by Subgroup” dashboard, the middle three trend charts that summarize the data by year for the most recent 5 school years allow for an option to display enrollments at the following three enrollment points.  See Additional Dashboard Notes below regarding student attributes reported on these trend charts.

  • Third Friday in September - students that have enrollment records that encompass this date in each of the trend years. A student is counted no more than once in any single year. For years prior to 2016-17, please note that although the Third Friday in September coincides with the official ISES Count Date collection, this enrollment data is sourced from the ISES Year End collection.

  • Second Friday in January - students that have enrollment records that encompass this date in each of the trend years. Considerations similar to Third Friday in September (above) apply here as well.

  • Any Enrollment - students with an enrollment record anytime within the given year (regardless of whether it encompasses the current date or any other enrollment point) in each of the trend years. With this option, a student that changes schools and/or districts during a school year would be counted in a summarization of each of those schools/districts.

The Education Environments dashboard provides a breakout of the special education environments for two groups of students - preschool students with age between 3 and 5, and all others with age between 6 and 21.  To appear in these charts, the assigned education environment must correlate correctly to the student's age.  Inappropriate education environment/age combinations are omitted.  The student's age is calculated to be as-of the current date for the current school year records and June 30th for prior year records.  The percentages are calculated to be the percent of their respective group total counts - ages 3, 4, 5 and 6-21; disability code; education environment.

The Homeless by Subgroup dashboard was added for the 2018-19 and later school years.  The first chart "Homeless Students by [Subgroup] by Year" shows the counts of all students in your district/school that have been identified as homeless at any point during each of the last five years.  This identification may have been during their current/most recent enrollment in your district or a prior enrollment in another district during the school year.  The second and third charts show the counts of homeless students currently/most recently enrolled in your district by their primary nighttime residence and those that are identified as unaccompanied youth.

Note: Access to view the Homeless by Subgroup dashboard requires that you have appropriate authorization to view economic information about students.

Additional Dashboard Notes

  • See WISEdash Enrollment Dashboards: Data Sources and Notes for more information.

  • Data flows nightly from WISEdata into WISEdash for Districts.  Note that any data with errors have the potential to impact the data you see in the dashboards.

  • Summary enrollment dashboards contain enrollment information for the current year while enrollment history can be viewed for an individual student going back as far as the 2005-06 school year.

  • The trend charts provide a clear picture of the enrollment at a selected day of the year for each year (or any enrollment in the year). The missing piece is “what about right now?” The current enrollment charts provide that picture.

  • While WISEdash historical enrollments are based on the official district year-end reports, counts and other summarizations will differ from previously publicly reported values. Each publicly reported enrollment summary is a point-in-time determination based on the facts available at that time and will remain fixed in the public records. WISEdash is a view of history based on the latest available facts, subject to change as data corrections are identified and applied.

  • Historical student attributes (race/ethnicity, grade level, disability status, etc.) are reported or filtered based on values reported for the latest available enrollment segment for each school year, regardless of the selection made for Enrollment Point.

  • Current student attributes are based on the current values from WISEdata and WISEid. As more data is collected throughout the school year, the most recent values may differ resulting in a change in the “current” values.

  • Some charts may include a value labeled “Unknown”. These can appear for a number of reasons, but most often arise when grouping results by a factor that does not have a recently available source for some students.

  • Migrant Status In years prior to 2019-20 and including the Third Friday of September snapshot for 2019-20, this data was submitted directly by districts. In the 2019-20 Year End snapshot and in subsequent years, this data was gathered directly from the statewide migrant vendor. See the migrant status data element page for more information.

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