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WISEdash Support - Graphs with no data

No data was found based on the district(s)/school(s) and filter settings selected above. Change your selections to view data results.

No data found message


The filter settings in the gray filter pane are not valid for this graph.

EXAMPLE: In the picture, you were trying to view Advanced Placement ® Exam data with an elementary school chosen. AP exams are only given in high schools.


  • Try a different filter selection such as changing the district, school, or grade level. For ACT and AP topics, make sure a high school or secondary grade is selected
  • Click the RESET FILTERS button and try the dashboard again.
  • Submit a Help Ticket if the situation persists.


A blank graph appears.

Blank graph data in WISEdash


Data has been masked (redacted) to protect student privacy. A message "All Data Redacted" shows in place of the data bars. The graph LEGEND shows a green box with an asterisk *.


  • The data cannot be shown in the graph, but some data may be available in the Data Table. Click the ZOOM button  on the green toolbar to see the entire data table.
  • WISEdash displays an asterisk * in a table or graph instead of a number when it's required to mask data with small groups of students. This masking is called redaction and is required by federal law to protect student confidential information. The asterisk * is different than "no data" or "--" which indicates there were 0 students in the category of data.

More about student data privacy >


Some bars seem to be missing from the graph.


Any of the following may be the cause:

  1. There are zero counts of students in that year or grouping.
  2. The student counts may be masked to protect privacy (redaction).
  3. The school may have been closed in that year.
  4. The grade level may not exist at that school.

EXAMPLE: In the picture at left, the 2010-11 and 2011-12 enrollment counts of economically disadvantaged students for that year were redacted to protect student privacy.


  • Determine if the school or program was not open.
  • Choose different groups or years.


The query has timed out.


WISEdash is experiencing a high usage or other slowdown.


  • Click the WEB LINK button on the green bar and copy the link.
  • Submit a Help Ticket and paste the WEB LINK into the form. Tell us that the query "timed out."
  • Try WISEdash again after a few minutes.