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About the Data


Discipline data represents a subset of behavior and discipline type information which schools gather including:

  • all expulsions, regardless of duration,
  • in-school suspensions and interim alternative setting placements (IAES) for students with disabilities only, and
  • Suspensions, in and out of school, and IAES removals where the student is removed for at least half of the regular school day.

Discipline data is used for State School Performance Report and Federal reporting to EDFacts and the Office of Special Education Programs. Discipline data is not collected from the Department of Corrections, Department of Health Services, or Choice schools.

Discipline Incidents


All discipline incidents must be associated to one or more students and each student must have at least one identified behavior. The behaviors have very specific Federal definitions in four categories:

  • weapons related,
  • drug or alcohol related,
  • assault or endangering behavior, and
  • violation of other school rules.

A student may exhibit multiple behaviors associated with a single incident, but only the primary, most severe behavior is used for reporting purposes.  For a discipline incident to be reported to DPI, it must have at least one qualifying removal action, see below.  The disability reported for incidents in WISEdash is the current or end of year disability for the student.  This can be different from the disability reported for the action taken.

Total Student-Incident Occurrences

This chart displays a comparison of the number of student-incident occurrences across the selected group. One single incident can include multiple students which count as multiple student-incident occurrences. One student can be involved in multiple incidents which also counts as multiple student-incident occurrences.

Percent of Students with Disciplinary Removals

This chart displays the percent of students involved in at least one incident as a percentage of the total number of students in the group enrolled at any time during that school year. A student only counts once in the numerator.

Students with 3 or More Incidents

Students involved in three or more incidents in a single school are shown here. It is possible for a student to be counted more than once if they incurred three or more incidents in more than one of the selected schools during the year.

Incidents Dynamic Crosstab

This dynamic crosstab chart allows users to create a data grid with any combination of student attributes. The displayed measure is the count of student-incident occurrences, not simply a student count or incident count. See Total Student-Incident Occurrences above.

Discipline Actions (Removals)


The disability reported for an action in WISEdash is the disability reported for the student as of the date of the action.  For a discipline incident to be reported to DPI, it must have at least one qualifying removal action. Three types removal actions are gathered for all students regardless of disability status:

  • expulsion without services offered regardless of the number of days removed,
  • expulsion with services offered regardless of the number of days removed, or
  • out of school suspension for which student is removed at least ½ of a regular school day

The difference between expulsion with or without services is determined by whether the student was offered educational services, not by whether the student accepted or participated in those services.

Three additional types of removal actions are allowed for a student with disabilities that was removed from the regular classroom for at least ½ of a regular school day:

  • in school suspension,
  • Interim Alternative Education Setting placement (IAES) by school personnel as the result of drug offenses, dangerous weapon offenses, or causing serious bodily injury, or
  • Interim Alternative Education Setting placement by impartial IDEA hearing officer

To be considered a student with disabilities, the student must be IDEA eligible with a current and active IEP as of the discipline date (start date of the removal).

A student may have multiple removal actions for a single incident. Each removal action must meet the qualifying criteria mentioned previously. Removal actions for which a student serves time removed concurrently do not qualify.

Disciplinary Removals by Type

Each student removed is counted only once per removal type. If the student had both an out of school suspension and expulsion, they would count in both types.

Days Removed by Type

This chart displays the total number of days removed in the selected school year for each removal type.



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