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About the Data Pages for WISEdash Public Dashboards


This page displays a collection of all About the Data pages available to help analyze the data presented on the current WISEdash Public dashboards. This includes a collection of both current About the Data pages, and historical about the data pages for dashboards that no longer appear on WISEdash.

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Current Dashboard About the Data Pages

Click the links below to view the “About the Data” pages for each of the current WISEdash Public Portal Dashboards.

ESSA: About the Data - This page, managed by the Office of Educational Accountability (OEA), covers all Federal reporting information requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). ESSA requires each state to produce a State 'report card'. Confusion arises from this because Wisconsin was already producing its own State Report Card prior to ESSA requirement. To clarify, we use the name "Accountability Report Cards" to refer to the Wisconsin State Report cards that pre-date ESSA requirements. More information about both of these report cards can be found on the State and Local Report Cards document, and the Report Card Guide for Wisconsin Accountability report cards

WISEdash (Public Portal) About the Data Home: Overview (coming soon!)


Digital Equity

Digital Equity: (coming soon!)


School Information

Per Pupil Expenditures

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More About the Data and Other Support Pages for Current Dashboards

This collection includes About the Data pages from older / former / retired dashboards, along with other DPI webpages. All the pages listed in this section provide supportive information that can help you further understand and analyze the data on the current WISEdash public dashboards. 


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Data Files as Support for WISEdash Public Dashboards

The WISEdash Data Files by Topic page provides the following data files (a.k.a. downloads or export files) listed here to further support the current WISEdash dashboards. Visit the Tips for Using WISEdash Data Files page for more information.


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Applications as Support for WISEdash Public Dashboards

The following DPI applications are all currently used to support the data we collect that creates the information displayed on WISEdash Public.

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