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Errata are changes that occur after final publication. Errata should be consulted for any dataset downloaded or used in educational research. At DPI, there is a master errata page that contains changes brought to DPI's attention by school districts AFTER the data has been published on WISEdash or on another data page at the Department of Public Instruction. 

The corrections are submitted by school districts on letterhead memos in the following process:

  1. A school district is advised by DPI or recognizes that an error exists in the final data that was submitted by school districts after the final publication of the data report.

  2. Districts submit errata on school district letterhead to Melissa Aro

  3. Errata PDF is posted to DPI website at:


Data View Selector:  Certified - Current


The CERTIFIED/CURRENT data view selector adjusts the WISEdash data source from the default CERTIFIED source to the CURRENT source.

This selector (at left) is found in the grey filter pane of the WISEdash Data Dashboard public version. When exporting or printing pages, the setting of the Data View selector is also listed in the output.  

For more information about the CERTIFIED/CURRENT data views, click here.