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WISEdash for Districts Dropout Dashboard

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About the Data


WISEdash is an effective tool for subgroup and trend analysis and comparison across multiple demographic factors via the Dropout Rate by Subgroup dashboard.

Additional Dashboard Notes

  • Dropout rate trend charts provide a comparison of rates for each year for the most recent 5 years. The rate for the current year on these charts is an incomplete picture until the several weeks into the next school year. The identification of a student as a dropout is dependent on student data submitted by your district and by other districts and schools.
  • WISEdash is a view of history based on the latest available facts, subject to change as data corrections are identified and applied. Historical attendance rates in WISEdash may not exactly match previously publicly reported rates.
  • Student attributes (race/ethnicity, grade level, disability status, etc.) are reported or filtered based on values reported for the latest available enrollment segment for each school year. As more data is collected throughout the current school year, the most recent values may differ resulting in a change in the “current” values.
  • Some charts may include a value labeled “Unknown”. These can appear for a number of reasons, but most often arise when grouping results by a factor that does not have a recently available source for some students.



For definitions related to attendance, see Definitions.

Data Availability

  • Summary dropout dashboards contain dropout information going back as far as 2006-07 up through the current year. Dropout data is generally reported late in the school year, so the latest available dropout data is for the prior year.
  • For more information on calculation of the dropout rate and frequently asked questions, refer to the WISEdash Public About the Data page on Dropouts.

Data Sources and Notes

  • Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, data began flowing nightly into the data warehouse from your student information system via WISEdata. Note that any data with errors have the potential to impact the data you see in the dashboards.
  • For both full-term and midterm dropouts identified in 2016-17 (2016-17 mid-term dropouts and 2017-18 full-term dropouts) and after, dropout determination is based on enrollment and exit data received from each school district’s student information system via WISEdata.
  • Full-term dropouts identified from data submitted in ISES in 2015-16 (2016-17 full-term dropouts), have gone through a special review and validation process with school districts. This was done to offer an opportunity for the correction of dropout statuses in the absence of the ability to modify ISES data directly.
  • Between 2006-07 and 2015-16, data was sourced from the Individual Student Enrollment System – Year End Collections (ISES YE).
  • In 2015-16, the disability code CD - Cognitive Disability changed to ID - Intellectual Disability. The change was applied retroactively in the dashboard.

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