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WISEdash is an effective tool for trend analysis and comparison across multiple demographic factors. Agency data is a key piece of data used extensively across data topics.

In the WISEdash Public Portal dashboards, agencies are broken out into a basic hierarchy of districts that have one or more schools. Users are able to filter on a specific District, School Type, or School in each dashboard. Some dashboards also include a Grade Level filter.

All dashboards also have a District option named ‘[Statewide]’ which allows users to view data for all public agencies in the state. Likewise, all dashboards also have a School option named ‘[All Schools]’ that allows users to view data for all schools in the selected district.

Each school is assigned a School Type. School types (previously called Grade Groups) include combined elementary/secondary, elementary, middle, junior high, and high school based on the selected district. Selecting a school type narrows the number of school selections shown in the adjacent filter and makes finding a school in the lists easier to find. Also known as Grade Group.

The District, School and School Type filter selections on one dashboard typically remain selected when navigating to another dashboard.

Data Availability

  • 2005-06 onward in the WISEdash Public Portal

  • Includes data for all public schools (including charter schools) in school districts and all independent (non-district) charter schools (under s. 118.40(2r) and s. 118.40(2x), Wis. Stats).

  • Certified Data: This Data addresses the need for a stable set of final validated counts.  Data is reported by accountable district and school.

WISEdash Agency Data: Data Sources and Notes


Data Sources

  • All Agency data collected from school districts in WISEdash is sourced from the School Directory.
  • Some Agency data is supplemented by other data sources. For example, the athletic conference data is downloaded annually from the WIAA website and loaded to DPI’s database for reporting purposes.

Data Notes

  • WISEdash uses only the most recent district or school name.

  • WISEdash includes districts and schools which are open and those which have closed in prior years.

  • Independent Charter Schools – Unified Contract

    • Starting in 2015-16, WISEdash could sum and report the school data at the LEA level for independent charter school operators (LEAs) that enter into a unified contract to operate multiple charter schools. This reporting structure was implemented in WISEdash in 2016-17. The operator (LEA) for the independent charter schools is listed in the district dropdown list and the individual charter schools included in the contract are listed in the school list for that LEA. WISEdash displays the data in the same manner for all previous years.

    • One example of this is Seeds of Health Inc, and the three schools included in its single charter contract are:

      • Seeds of Health Elementary Program

      • Tenor High School

      • Veritas High School

    • For most independent charter schools, the school itself continues to act as the LEA, because each charter school has a separate contract.

    • Some DPI applications use this structure while others continue to list out the individual schools.

  • For more information on mergers, reorganizations, and name changes please see

  • Use caution when comparing data between WISEdash and other reports or dashboards. Before making connections between the data or about the data understand the data sources and business rules behind the report or dashboard to ensure that they are truly representing the same outcomes.

WISEdash Agency Data: Agency Download File

  • The Agency Download File can be found here.
  • See Tips for Using WISEdash Download Files here.
  • Each statewide download file for every topic contains a District Code and School Code. Each file contains basic agency information that is available on each dashboard.
  • Use the Agency File on the download page for more information (CESA, County, Athletic Conference) about each school. The files can be linked by District Code and School Code (both are required). These files could be helpful as you decide what to compare using WISEdash.

Other Agency Information


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