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WISEdash for Districts: Digital Equity Dashboard

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About the Data


The Digital Equity Dashboard provides access to voluntary responses from families regarding questions on access to digital devices and the internet in their homes. The graphs display the percentage of students as compared with total respondents within each group that answered the question with the given response.  Student responses are associated with the school of current or most recent attendance.  Color coding is used to indicate the most optimal responses (Green), less optimal responses (Yellow) and responses where intervention may be necessary (Orange). The metrics cover the following questions:

  • Can the student access the internet on their primary learning device at home?
    • Internet Access in Residence
  • What is the primary type of internet service used at the residence?
    • Internet Access Type in Residence 
  • Can the student stream a video on their primary learning device without interruption?
    • Internet Performance
  • What device does the student most often use to complete school work at home?
    • Digital Device
  • Is the primary learning device a personal device or school-provided? Is the primary learning device shared with anyone else in the household?
    • Device Access

The following indicators are included in the dashboard for ease of use.

  • Student Responses (Informational) - A student will be included in the Student Responses tile count if at least one of the digital equity questions for the most recent school has a submitted value.
  • Student Non-Responders (Informational) - A student will be included in the Student Non-Responder tile if the student didn't respond to any of the questions in the survey.

Additional Dashboard Notes

  • Unknown/non-responses were recently pulled out of each graph so that count percentages can be calculated as a percent of responses. This was done in an effort to better understand the ratios among responses
  • To review the group of students for which responses have been received drill into the Student Responses tile.
  • Student attributes (race/ethnicity, grade level, disability status, etc.) are reported or filtered based on values reported for the latest available enrollment segment for each school year. As more data is collected throughout the current school year, the most recent values may differ resulting in a change in the “current” values.

For response categories related to the Digital Equity questions, see Definitions.

How the Data is Reported in WISEdash


Digital Equity data is provided voluntarily. These data elements are not required. The Digital Equity data may be submitted for each school in which the student was enrolled during the school year.

A student is included in the metrics for the school of most recent enrollment and is only included if the student is currently enrolled in a given district.

Data Sources


All data come from WISEdata. Digital Equity data was collected beginning in 2020-21.  



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