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WISEdash Help: Buttons and Icons Index


Filter data Filter Data.  Opens to a menu of available data filters for the dashboard.  Make a filter selection and click off of the menu to apply the filter.
Download files Takes you to the webpages that has statewide data files for both WISEdash and WINSS
Glossary Opens a glossary about that data topic. Clicking the Glossary button on most dashboards opens a glossary of terms relating to that specific dashboard. Each glossary has a link to the Main Glossary for WISEdash, SDPR and WINSS.
No data Opens a webpage with a collection of images that show different ways graphs can appear to have no data shown. 
Help Takes you to the main WISEdash Help home page where you can contact us, watch help videos, or see the top help documents
Frequently Asked Questions Takes you to the Frequently-asked Questions page for WISEdash Public Portal.
Dashboard tools icon Card Tools.  The icon appears on all WISEdash dashboards in the upper right corner and provides tools and options that can be applied to that dashboard.
Copy link Copy Link.  Available in the Dashboard Tools (see above), this will generate a URL link to your dashboard with the specific filter settings as you have them.
Send icon Send.  Available on each chart to the right of the chart title.  Provides options to export the chart to Microsoft Excel (.xls), Adobe (.pdf), comma separated values (.csv) or just an image (.png).
Redaction The graphs's data bar has been redacted, or masked to protect student privacy.
Help ticket Opens a form so that you can contact us or enter information about a problem. The form creates a Help Ticket in out helpdesk system, and lets us route your question to the appropriate staff person.
WISEhome icon WISEhome. Located in the lower right corner of every dashboard. Provides a link to DPI's secure app portal.

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