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WISEdash Public Portal


What is WISEdash?

WISEdash public portal

WISEdash: Wisconsin Information System for Education Data Dashboard

WISEdash is a data portal that uses "dashboards," or visual collections of graphs and tables, to provide multi-year education data about Wisconsin schools. Current and Certified data can be displayed on both platforms for multiple years and it can be grouped and filtered by a variety of demographics including grade level, gender, race/ethnicity, economic status, disability, English proficiency, and migrant status. Data download files are also available.

There are two versions of WISEdash:

WISEdash Public Portal

 Available to the general public, student data is redacted to protect students' identities. No personally identifiable information (PII) is visible. Data on the public portal is available by school, district, or State.

Access the WISEdash Public Portal here

WISEdash for Districts 

Available by school staff with a need to know via a secure login. Data is available down to the individual student level. Only district level data is available.

What's Available for Display in WISEdash?

Each year, all Wisconsin public school districts collect information about their students, staff, and courses based on federal and state requirements.

These data sets are submitted to the Department of Public Instruction where they're stored and linked in a data warehouse (WISEdata).

Data are required to be published by the Department of Public Instruction, and are redacted to protect student privacy. WISEdash is one platform for that publication.

WISEdash gives you an interactive way to select and filter Wisconsin public school data. WISEdash provides a streamlined delivery of consistent data and dashboards. Links to other educational datasets and key reports are also available in WISEdash. 

Data available on WISEdash Public Portal ranges from the most current school years (current meaning the school year matching the current calendar year, e.g., 2023-24, or the year prior, e.g. 2021-22).  WISEdash Public Portal stores data going all the way back to the 2005-06 school year for certain topics, like attendance. Not all data has been collected for the same amount of time, so the 'oldest' data set year varies by topic. Historical datasets going back to 1995 can be downloaded.

Private school data is not included in WISEdash. Private schools participating in the School Choice Program (Choice schools) can access "WISEdash Extracts," which is located on the Exports screen in WISEdata Portal.

Who Should Use WISEdash?

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As a public reporting tool, WISEdash is used by districts, schools, parents, researchers, media, and other community members to view data published by DPI.

The WISEdash Public Portal is the front door for parents and community members to discover all types of data about Wisconsin schools and districts.

  • Educators and school staff should use the WISEdash for Districts, a secure version that requires a username and password, for student-level analysis. Find more information the WISEdash for Districts secure portal here.
  • Educators should send parents to WISEdash for public data reports. Data is redacted to protect student privacy. 

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