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WISEdash (FOR DISTRICTS) Attendance Dashboards

About the Data

Attendance and dropout data in WISEdash is taken exclusively from the Individual Student Enrollment System – Year End Collections (ISES YE). The lag time between the close of a school year and the submission, correction, and finalization of ISES YE data is typically 7-8 months. Therefore, results for the prior school year become available in WISEdash during the first quarter of the following calendar year. The gap between the latest available ISES YE records and the current date varies from 7 months to as much as 20 months depending upon the time of year.


Attendance Rate: the number of actual days attended divided by the student’s possible days of attendance for each enrollment period.

Average Daily Attendance: the sum of actual days attended / days of instruction

Average Daily Membership: the sum of possible days of attendance / days of instruction

Dropout: the number of dropouts includes mid-term dropouts from the current school term and full term dropouts (no-shows) who were expected to attend this term, but have not returned.  See Exit Reporting for more information.

Dropout Rate:  the number of dropouts divided by the total number of students expected to complete the school term.

Total expected to complete the school term:  the sum of the number of students who actually completed the school term and the number of dropouts.

Total Students: the count of students matching the filter settings that were enrolled at any time during the school year.

Each district reports annually on the district’s total number of days of instruction for the previous school year. The total number of days of instruction provides the denominator for the Average Daily Attendance and the Average Daily Membership.

Additional Information

See WISEdash Enrollment Data and Dashboards for additional information.