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Secure Access File Exchange (SAFE)


Initially launched in 2010, the Secure Access File Exchange (SAFE) is a secure, flexible, web-based tool developed by DPI that allows authorized district and school users to access their confidential data files and reports that DPI has shared with them such as the preliminary accountability report cards.

Recently SAFE has been upgraded to a new, clean user experience with updated menus and navigation. Security roles and the process to request access remain the same. View the SAFE Updates At a Glance for more information!

What are some examples of reports available in SAFE?

  • Accountability Report Cards
  • ACT WorkKeys (NCRC)
  • High School Growth Preview Report
  • Inequitable Distribution Teacher Data
  • Joint Federal Notification Packet (ESSA/IDEA)
  • Resource Inequity Data Tool
  • Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)

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