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Data at DPI


DPI collects data to meet all required school, district, state, and federal reporting mandates, e.g., Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and Title II Higher Education Act. These data inform education research and data analysis.

Data Tools

Through the DPI dashboard and reporting tools, DPI staff, teachers, administrators, parents, and researchers are better able to understand and improve educational outcomes for Wisconsin students.

Multiple teams from IT and content areas work together at DPI to build tools for data collection, to support districts in data collection, and to report on and facilitate the use of data based on federal and state reporting mandates.

DPI Student Data Fact Sheet

For more information on the data collected and reported through WISE, see the DPI Student Data Overview FAQ.

Laws, Rules, and Guidance

Final Guidance on Maintaining, Collecting, and Reporting Racial and Ethnic Data to the U. S. Department of Education

What data elements do districts and schools report to DPI through WISE?

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Details of the data elements that are collected by WISE are published on the Data elements page.

What data elements do districts and schools report to DPI by program area?

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A Data Inventory is a very important tool, used by organizations to display a complete picture of all the data collected.  Data Inventories are critical, both in terms of knowing what data is available for use and for practicing transparency about what data is collected and for what reasons.  Student data element details collected by DPI are published by program area at DPI as listed below:


What tools do districts and schools use to submit data to DPI?


Find details of the tools that are used to collect data.

Why is the data submitted to DPI by districts and schools important?

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Education data is a primary tool to see how our students, schools, and policies are working. Over time the data shows the results of changes we make in schools, letting us track progress and make adjustments. As stated in Agenda 2017, the goal for Wisconsin is to help ensure every child graduates from high school prepared for both college and career pathways. These data systems are a key part of Agenda 2017's assessment and data system's emphasis on giving parents and the public more timely, quality data to use for informed decision-making.

How is the data collected by DPI made available to districts, schools, and the public?

WISEdash: Wisconsin Information System for Education Data Dashboard

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WISEdash is a data portal that uses "dashboards," or visual collections of graphs and tables, to provide multi-year education data about Wisconsin schools.  Data on the portal is redacted and available by school, district, or state.  Current and Certified data can be displayed for multiple years, and it can be grouped and filtered by a variety of demographics, including grade level, gender, race/ethnicity, economic status, disability, English proficiency, and migrant status.  Data download files are also available.  As a public reporting tool, WISEdash is used by districts, schools, parents, researchers, media, and other community members to view data published by DPI.

What is in it?

Each year, all Wisconsin school districts collect information about their students, staff, and
courses based on federal and state requirements. These data sets are submitted to the
Department of Public Instruction where they’re stored and linked in a data warehouse. WISEdash gives you an interactive way to select and filter Wisconsin school data from the 2005-06 school year forward. The Department of Public Instruction is required to publish redacted data to protect student privacy. Additional historical datasets from 1998 forward can be downloaded. Links to other educational datasets and key reports are available in WISEdash. WISEdash will provide a streamlined delivery of consistent data and dashboards.

Who should use it?

The WISEdash Public Portal is the front door for parents and community members to discover all types of data about Wisconsin schools and districts. Educators should send parents to WISEdash for public data reports. Data is redacted to protect student privacy. Educators and school staff should use WISEdash for Districts, a secure version that requires a username and password, for student-level analysis.

Find more information on the WISEdash Public Portal.
Find more information on the WISEdash for Districts secure portal.

How do we protect student data? 

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Privacy Resources

Individuals or organizations requesting student-level or other confidential data should review documentation on the DPI website related to student privacy here: Student Data Privacy Information.

Requests for DPI Data

Visit our Data Request page for information on submitting new public or confidential data requests and updating existing requests.


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