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Manage Staff Data - Menu in WISEstaff Portal

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Upload Staff Data      Validate Staff Data      View Upload Results

Manage Staff: Overview

The Manage Staff Data menu groups the screens related to uploading and managing staff contract and assignment data. For a complete list including descriptions of all the available WISEstaff reports and validations, refer to the WISEstaff Reports & Validations Mini Tutorial.

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Certify Data

(Previously called Sign off or Certification): This step is required to attest (certify) that all required staff data for your agency has been submitted and validated to be error-free in preparation for the preliminary and final audits conducted by DPI. Managing the accuracy and quality of data benefits the submitting agency and DPI and will be reflected in subsequent staff data reporting.

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Copy Staff Files

(Previously called Manage Staff Data): This is an optional tool that can be used to copy staff assignments and/or contracts from a previous year into the current school year. Start by downloading a previous year's assignments and//or contracts, make adjustments to the file to reflect the current year's data (salary adjustments, assignment changes, etc.), then upload the updated files using the Upload Staff Data page. You can also delete ALL of the current school year's assignments or contracts if you want to start over with fresh data.

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Enter Aggregate Staff FTE

Enter your subcontracted staff for whom you are unable to obtain demographic data necessary for creating individual WISEid records for each staff person. This option to enter aggregate staff is available only for the 'Other Support Staff' position with a bus driver, plant maintenance / operations personnel, or cafeteria worker assignment. The FTE for each assignment should be calculated based on 1 FTE = one full time staff person in that assignment rather than indicating a percentage of an assignment.

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Licensing Download

This optional tool can be used to review licensing details for all staff or a selected group based on a list of Entity IDs or WISEids. The download includes details like license type, stage, position/subject, renewal guidelines, and expiration date. An additional feature allows you to filter the download to include only licenses expiring during a selected date range, to help keep track of staff who will need to renew or update their licenses during or before the next school year.

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Staff Download

(Previously called Staff Download by Local Person ID): Use this link to generate a download of all staff with a Local Person ID assigned to your agency. The .csv file will appear at the bottom of the WISEstaff page once complete. Download includes data from each person's WISEid record: Local Person ID, WISEid, name, demographic data, Entity ID, email address, and WISEsecure role, if assigned.

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Upload Staff Data

(Previously called Upload): Here you can upload a file containing assignment or contract data for your staff using the designated file format. Detailed file format specifications can be found on the File Layout and Templates page. When uploading a file, you can choose to update only the records that are included in the file, or have the upload replace all existing data, which would delete all records for the current year and insert only the records contained in the uploaded file.

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Staff Collection Checklist: Steps 2a/2b - '+Add Assignments / Contracts'

Upload STAFF Data Manage Staff Data Steps 2a and 2b in Checklist

Use the dropdown menu to select your File Upload Type, Contract or Assignment. Note that with each selection, WISEstaff provides you with a bank of tips and a sample template that you may download to ensure your upload is following the specified requirements.

You may also copy and forward last year’s Contracts and Assignments. To do this, click the Copy Staff Files tab in the WISEstaff Manage Staff Data menu.

Copy Forward Files

  • “Update existing data for matching records” - This option is best if you’ve already uploaded your staff data, but you have some changes from last year to this year. This option will update changes reflected in your file.

  • “Delete all data and replace with a new upload” - This option wipes out all existing contract/assignment data and replaces those contracts/assignments with only the information of the file you’re uploading.

  • For more information on how to upload the Contracts and Assignments file, you can also refer to the File Tasks Mini Tutorial in WISEclassroom.

Clicking the ‘Download Contracts’ or ‘Download Assignments’ buttons will generate a ‘.csv’ file with information from that year’s staff - and - this file automatically updates various columns to reflect for the current year, such as “School Year,” “LEA Experience,” and “Total Years.” You should also make any manual updates needed (salary, for example) to this downloaded file. When the file is accurate and complete, save it so that you can upload it. For further assistance you can refer to the Copy Forward Files Mini Tutorial. You can also download this information from your HR system, if applicable.

Before clicking the blue ‘Upload’ button, select the radio button that best matches the file you want to upload:

Upload Staff Data Radio Buttons

Choose the ‘.csv’ file you want to upload and click the blue ‘Upload’ button.

Staff contract and assignment data can also be entered manually. This might be an option if you work in a smaller district or if there are very few staff changes from the previous year. To do this, go to the Person Search menu in WISEstaff, and use the Person Search/Edit tab.

For specific details on adding Contracts and Assignments, please visit the Add Contracts and Add Assignments sections of this tutorial.

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Validate Staff Data

The Validate Staff Data process typically runs each morning throughout the data collection period or you can run it as needed by clicking the Refresh Validation button. The validation process will review all of your agency's assignment and contract data for the current school year and generate errors, warnings, or informational messages for anything that doesn't meet DPI requirements. All errors must be corrected and all warnings must be corrected or acknowledged before your agency can certify your staff data for the collection year.

All errors and warnings will be resolved, ideally, prior to certification. This will be reflected as a green zero in the Count number on the right side of the Staff Collection Checklist.

Once you’ve resolved all of your validations, you can:

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View Upload Results

Previously called 'Results,' this screen is where you can review the status and validation results of your uploaded data files. The results queue indicates the status of each file during and after the upload process. Once the file is finished processing, you will see the number of records processed, the number of changes made to existing data, and the number of potential duplicate WISEid records, if applicable.

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