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FTE is a number that reflects the amount of work a staff member will complete at a particular agency in a school year. FTE format is numeric with decimals allowed to the hundredths place. For example, a regular full-time staff member would typically be recorded as 1.00, while a part-time staff member would have 0.5. Staff who are working split arrangements at different agencies can have various FTE amounts for each location, such as 0.8 at one location and 0.2 at another for a full-time employee working in two agencies.

You're required to report only for staff with assignment type of codes of “0” Professional - Special Education and “1” Professional - Regular Education, “3” Support - Regular Education, and “4” Support - Special Education.

You're NOT required to report benefits for subcontracted individuals or staff with assignment type code of: “2” Short-Term Substitute - Extra Curricular Activities.

For information on valid Position Codes and Area Codes of Assignment combinations, see the Assignment Code List.

In the Enter Aggregate Staff FTE section in WISEstaff, schools/districts can enter FTE collectively per school/district for subcontractors when you are not able to obtain enough information to create WISEids and enter individual data. 

USES: This data element adds information about a particular staff member's workload to his or her reported position and assignment records in WISEstaff.


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note


  1. FTE Format and Requirements: If you upload FTE with greater than two decimal places, the field will error with a first-level validation error preventing that row from uploading. If the number is less than one, you also need to include the leading zero, e.g., 0.3, not .3. Leave the FTE field blank when it's not required for a given position and area code combination. See annual staff collection documentation for which assignment position and area code combinations require this question to be answered.
  2. FTE Calculation: See the FTE Calculation Guidance knowledge base article.
  3. FAQ: See the FTE FAQ knowledge base article for specific scenarios.

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