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Student Data Privacy for Parents

Step-by-Step Checklist to Understanding Student Data Privacy


Step 1. Ask the Right Questions at Your Next PTA/PTO Meeting



What Every Parent Should be Asking about Education Data:

Step 2. Learn More About Your Rights Under FERPA



FERPA General Guidance for Parents

Step 3. Review the Interactive Safety Resource


The Wisconsin Department of Justice's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and the Department of Public Instruction is teaming up to keep families safe online. The departments have launched a program called "Interact!" that will give parents resources to have conversations with their children about internet safety.

Interact is an online, interactive e-course created for parents and guardians to complete with their children with the goal of sparking basic online safety discussions in the home.

This 30-minute module provides parents with the opportunity to review their own tech use to set a good example; interactive activities to complete alongside their children, and follow-up resources and activities to keep the discussions going.

This e-course gives parents the opportunity to set themselves up as the trusted adult in their child’s life. If the child sees something online they don’t understand or that makes them uncomfortable, they know they have someone to reach out to. The e-course even provides some ideas on how to start and continue these discussions, along with some bonus tips to help break the ice on awkward topics.

Step 4. Review Helpful Resources for Educating Parents


The U.S. Department of Education's Family Policy Compliance Office provides guidance for parents and school districts on FERPA, PPRA, and provision of student contact information to military recruiters under ESEA on this new website.

View the Family Policy website for additional resources.

Step 5. Keep Learning





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