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WISEhome Agreement

WISEhome Agreement


Provided below is the text of the agreement seen by users of WISEhome. When a user logs in to WISEhome for the first time, and every 120 days thereafter, this privacy agreement will be displayed.

A user must click on the "Agree" button before he or she can use the tool.

You are currently...

...identified by your Application Administrator as an authorized user of secure applications created by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Users of most secure applications have access to confidential information about students, staff, and other data. Protecting student privacy is required by law and is the highest priority of the Department of Public Instruction. Resources regarding protecting student privacy in Wisconsin are provided at

To protect the privacy of students and staff, users are required to agree to each of the statements below.

  • I will respect and safeguard the privacy of students and staff and the confidentiality of student data, staff data, and other data accessed.
  • I will comply with state and federal privacy laws and all local or agency specific regulations, policies, and procedures established to maintain the confidentiality of student, staff, and other data accessed.
  • I will not disclose or transmit confidential student, staff, or other data to persons not specifically authorized access to these data by the District Security Administrator, Application Administrator, or District Administrator.
  • I will use the confidential data for legitimate educational purposes only as necessary to perform my assigned tasks.
  • I understand that my password is as important as my signature. It is my obligation to keep my password confidential. I will not share my password with anyone. I will also not share my secure application access with anyone.
  • I will not use other users' login names or passwords.
  • I have viewed the privacy Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) training and understand my obligation to protect the confidentiality of the data that I will be accessing.


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