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Wisconsin DPI Non-Confidential Data Request Form

If you wish to request public data not available on the DPI website, or need assistance in locating the data you need, please complete the form below. Requests are reviewed on the first of each month. Meeting the information needs of the public is one of DPI's most important functions. Therefore, subject to the requirements of department policy and other applicable state and federal laws, DPI will respond to requests for data in a timely, cost-effective, and complete manner.

Enter the information below to submit a non-confidential data request to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. DPI will review each request and contact the individual listed when fulfilling the request.

Note: This form is only for non-confidential public data or records. If your request requires individual student-level data, data containing personally identifiable information (PII), un-redacted, aggregate data that may directly or indirectly identify individual students, or Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) data, you must complete a confidential data request.

NOTE: Please be advised that the information submitted through this form is not secured.

Describe the non-confidential data that you are requesting. Do not enter any confidential data information in this section.

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