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Assign Access to WISEhome Applications


In WISEsecure, DSAs and application administrators can grant users access to WISEhome applications by assigning user roles. This page covers how to assign user roles for specific applications, as well as how to review user requests for application access.

Assigning Application Access in WISEsecure

Assign User Roles for an Application

To begin assigning user roles for an application: 

1. Go to the Manage Security page in WISEsecure.

2. Click the link for the application you want to assign security for to open the user role assignments page for that application.

Screenshot of the Manage Security page on WISEsecure.

3. On the user role assignments page, you'll see a list of users and their roles for the application. To add a new user, click Assign User.

Screenshot of the Assign User page on WISEsecure.

4. Search for the user you want to assign a role for by Email or by searching with their First and Last Names.

5. When you find the user you're looking for, select the role you want to assign in the Role table by clicking the circle to the left of the role.

6. Click Add & Continue to leave the form open and assign another user a user role, or click Add & Close to save your changes and close the form.

Screenshot of theAssign Roles for Users form on WISEsecure.

Review User Access Requests

Users can request access to an application through WISEhome. To review and manage users' access requests: 

1. Go to the Pending Requests page in WISEsecure.

Screenshot of list of pending requests on WISEsecure.

2. On the Pending Requests page, you'll see a list of user requests for access to an application. Click Review in the rightmost column to open the Review Access Requests page and see the details of a specific request.

Screenshot of Pending Requests page on WISEsecure.

3. On the Review Access Requests page, you can respond to each access request from the user. To approve a request, select Approved in the Access column and select a user role in the Role column. To deny a request, select Rejected in the Access column.

4. Optionally, enter Comments to let the user know why you've approved or rejected a request.

5. Click Save Changes to apply the changes you've made and close the form.

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