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WISEstaff: File Layouts and Templates

WISEstaff: File Layouts and Template

Notice about security best practices for vendors and LEAs:

When troubleshooting data issues that include Personally Identifiable Information (PII):

  • Do not use email to transmit data with PII as email is not a secure method to communicate between different organizations.
  • You should instead use a secure format such as secure FTP or encryption software to transmit PII-containing data.
  • The WISE Help Ticket platform is also considered secure. Initial tickets are NOT secure and you may not attach files for security reasons. However, once your help ticket has been opened and a DPI employee has reached out to you, both customers and DPI employees are able to securely and safely attach files during the 'back and forth' conversation to aid in ticket resolution. 

Visit the WISEid Files and Layouts webpage for other options.

Assignment Code, Area Code and Position Code Tables


WISEstaff Assignment Codes:

Complete List of Valid Staff Position and Area Code Combinations by School Year


WISEstaff Area Code Table and Specs:

Complete List of Staff Area Codes for the School Year

WISEstaff Position Code Table and Specs:

Complete List of Staff Position Codes for the School Year

Upload File Layouts (.pdf) and Upload Templates (.csv)


Upload File Layouts (.pdf)

Upload Templates (.csv)

WISEid Files and Layouts webpage

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