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Agency Code

Agency Code: WISEid/WISEstaff

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Agency code is a unique, four or eight-digit code that is assigned to each independent charter school and to each public school district, and all public (including district-authorized charter schools) and private schools geographically located within its boundaries. It consists of a four-digit LEA or district code connected by a hyphen to a four-digit school code. For example, Schoolville's LEA/District Agency Code could be 1234. The school code for the high school in Schoolville could be 1111. So the Agency Code for Schoolville High School would be 1234-1111. 

Agency code is required and used in multiple instances for both WISEid and WISEstaff. 

In WISEid, the agency code will link to submitted data. In the event of altered data, such as a name or race change, a change request will be submitted. The agency that enters the new information and would like the change is referred to as the Requesting Agency. Any agencies associated with the WISEid person record that will need to approve or deny the change request are called the Dependent Agency.

In WISEstaff, an agency can be the hiring and/or working agency.

  • Hiring LEA Number: Required. This must be a valid DPI-assigned LEA number of the agency responsible for reporting this data. Format is four digits with padded leading zeros accepted, but not required, e.g., 0001. This is the agency that hires the staff member and will report the staff member in WISEstaff. 
  • Working LEA Number: Required. This must be a valid DPI-assigned LEA number of the agency where an assignment is performed. Format is four digits with padded leading zeros accepted, but not required, e.g., 0001. This field applies to staff members who work in an agency that is different from the hiring agency and often used for subcontractors. 

USES: The Agency Code data element links an LEA to reported records in WISEstaff, as well as to data and change requests in WISEid. In School Directory, the Agency code is used for accuracy in record keeping on the DPI's internal database, as well as for providing a unique numeric indicator to individual schools across the state that may have a common name. 


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note

  1.  What's the difference between the Agency Code and the Agency Key? The agency Key (sometimes called Agency Number) is the valid, six-digit, DPI-assigned number for each LEA (local education agency).


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