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LEA Implementation and Consolidated Application



ESEA Coordinator Timeline

The purpose of this timeline is to help Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Coordinators understand the timeframe for ESEA requirements throughout the school year, as well as how these requirements will benefit the local educational agency (LEA), its students, staff, and community.

LEAs are encouraged to make a copy of this workbook so that they can include their own procedures and timelines.

Each requirement is tagged with a general topic header, thereby allowing the user to filter by certain topics. For example, selecting the "Fiscal" filter in the "Tag" column will result in the timeline only displaying fiscal requirements. You can also filter the requirement by Title.

Please note: This timeline is organized by the fiscal year, therefore July is identified as the first month in the "When" column.

Allocations and Carryover

End-of-Year Report

Local educational agencies (LEAs) receiving Title I-A, Title II-A, Title III-A, Title IV-A, or Title V-B funds under ESEA are required to complete the ESEA End-of-Year Report in WISEgrants. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) uses the data submitted by LEAs to complete the Consolidated State Performance Report as required by the U.S. Department of Education each fall.

19-20 End-of-Year Report Workbook - The End-of-Year Report Workbook contains the same data requirements LEAs will see when the End-of-Year Report is opened in WISEgrants. LEAs can fill out the Workbook ahead of time to ensure that they have collected all the data needed to complete the End-of-Year Report in WISEgrants.

2019-20 ESEA End-of-Year Report Deadline - 8/30/2020

Contact Cody Oltmans at (608) 266-2489 with questions regarding the End-of-Year Report.


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