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Any Local Educational Agency (LEA) receiving funds under more than one ESSA program, must complete a consolidated LEA plan before the LEA may receive a subgrant. LEAs will complete their plans in WISEgrants.

The ESSA LEA Plan Road Map and Review Criteria defines where the questions in LEA Plan Draft Template are located in WISEgrants. Some questions will appear in the ESSA LEA Plan section of WISEgrants and other questions will appear in a specific grant application. It is important to note that some questions are required, some are optional, and some may not be applicable to your LEA.

WISEgrants Users and Administrators with “Edit” access to any ESEA grant will have the ability to respond to the LEA Plan Narrative Questions.

Required Consultation with Stakeholders Regarding ESSA LEA Plans

LEAs must provide opportunity to for stakeholders to meaningfully and substantively contribute to their ESSA LEA plans. Consultation must occur prior to submitting a plan or application. LEAs must consult with:

Charter school leaders (in LEAs with charter schools)

Meaningful Local Engagement Under ESSA: A Handbook for LEA and School Leaders

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Document

US Department of Education Frequently Asked Questions: LEA and American Indian Nation Consultation


June 30, 2018 - LEAs must complete the LEA Plan and sign the 2018-19 assurances. The assurances listed in the LEA Plan Draft Template are included the ESEA assurances document found in WISEgrants. As in years past, a district authorizer will need to sign the assurances digitally. The district authorizer is an individual how has been authorized by a governing body, such as a school board, to enter into agreements on behalf of the LEA.

Spring/Summer 2018 - DPI will review and work with LEAs to approve ESSA LEA Plans.

Approved ESSA LEA Plans will be available upon request. Contact your LEA or the Department of Public Instruction to request an approved plan. The subject line should say "ESSA LEA Plan Request."