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Preliminary Federal Identifications

Wherever our data shows progress toward equity is slow, we are committed to helping local improvement efforts become stronger.

Preliminary joint federal identifications of schools and districts are related to the two major federal education laws: the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Both laws require identification of schools and districts needing extra support in their efforts to meet the needs of all groups of students. Districts can access data in SAFE.

Supports Available to Schools with Preliminary Identifications

Our intention is that any ESSA or IDEA identification, once finalized, will offer a school or district the opportunity to strengthen existing continuous improvement efforts at little or no cost. Making progress doesn't always require doing more—sometimes it requires doing things differently, like using data more strategically to understand needs and target improvements toward root causes. We want to help provide tools, resources, and supports that empower schools and districts to coordinate efforts, build teams, use data, achieve their goals, and lead for equity.

  • The Technical Assistance Network for Improvement, a collaborative statewide effort initiated in 2018, offers CESA-based coordinated supports to all schools and districts in Wisconsin. Supports are available now, and we project that schools with finalized ESSA/IDEA identifications will receive priority, low- or no-cost access.
  • The Leading for Learning: Achieving Educational Equity series, which kicks off in June 2019, will consist of an annual Leading for Equity Summit and a four-part learning series. Each event will build on the learning from the prior opportunity to deepen participants’ understanding of key concepts and provide specific strategies to inform local continuous improvement efforts.


Identifications and Improvement

More on Wisconsin's coordinated approach.

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