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Determination of Compliance with IDEA Requirements

2016 State Determinations

In making state determinations, OSEP uses compliance and results data, giving equal weight to each. OSEP’s accountability framework, called Results Driven Accountability (RDA), brings into focus the educational results and functional outcomes for children with disabilities while balancing those results with the compliance requirements of IDEA.

IDEA details four categories of determination:

  • Meets the requirements and purposes of the IDEA
  • Needs assistance in implementing the requirements of the IDEA
  • Needs intervention in implementing the requirements of the IDEA
  • Needs substantial intervention in implementing the requirements of the IDEA

Under the criteria used in 2016, Wisconsin was found to meet the requirements of Part B of IDEA. We recognize and appreciate the efforts of our LEAs to ensure compliance and improve results for children and youth with disabilities.


2016 LEA Determinations

For its 2016 LEA determinations, the department utilized data from compliance indicators only.  In 2016 the department began including results indicators in its determinations. The weight given to results indicators will increase each year during the period from 2016 to 2018, until 50% of the score comes from Compliance and 50% comes from Results.  The table below shows the compliance and results weights that will be used. We strongly urge you to carefully review the criteria to assess whether your district is meeting these results indicators, as well as access DPI resources to help improve outcomes for all children.

2016 Determinations 2017 Determinations 2018 Determinations

90% Compliance
10% Results

75% Compliance
25% Results

50% Compliance
50% Results