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WI State Performance Plan (SPP), Indicator #7

Technical Assistance
Annual Monitoring

Preschool Outcomes

Indicator 7: Percent of preschool children aged 3 through 5 with IEPs who demonstrate improved:

A. Positive social-emotional skills (including social relationships);
B. Acquisition and use of knowledge and skills (including early language/communication and early literacy); and
C. Use of appropriate behaviors to meet their needs.

For current information regarding this indicator please review the APR

Indicator 7 Data Collection System

Special Education Web Portal

The Indicator 7 Child Outcomes Application accessed through the Special Education Web Portal is used to report child outcomes.  The application access is limited to authorized users.

NewBeginning July 1, 2016, districts will report Indicator 7 entry outcome ratings for all children between the ages of 3 and 5 ½ for whom the district provides special education and related services via an IEP.  This will include children for whom the district provides initial services and those children who transfer into the district from another district in which they were receiving services.  This will mean a child may have entry outcome ratings reported by more than one district or even more than once for the same district if the child exits and returns to the same district prior to turning age 6.  For Indicator 7 purposes, a child’s entry date is the projected IEP implementation date for children receiving initial services or the date the child enrolls in the district for transfer children.

new A new Indicator 7 Child Outcomes application will be released for use during the 2016-17 school year.  This new application will replace both the Child Outcome Summary Form (COSF) and the current Child Outcomes reporting application.  This new application will be based on the Child Outcomes Decision Tree and will include heightened emphasis on providing evidence documenting a child’s functioning.  The webinar and handout below can be viewed for more information.

Preparing for the New Indicator 7 Child Outcomes Application - WebinarPowerPoint - Handout

Child Outcomes New Application Training

Training and Technical Assistance

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