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WI State Performance Plan (SPP), Indicator #6

Educational Envirnonments, Preschool

Indicator 6: Percent of preschool children with IEPs attending a:
A. Regular early childhood program and receiving the majority of special education and related services in the regular early childhood program; and
B. Separate special education class, separate school or residential facility.

For current information regarding this indicator please review the APR.

Data - District Profiles


Training and Technical Assistance

  • Preschool Educational Environment Decision TreeUPDATED June 2020
  • Determining Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) for a Child
  • National Professional Development Center on Inclusion (NPDCI)
    A National Resource: The National Professional Development Center on Inclusion (NPDCI) is working with states to create a system of high quality, cross-agency, accessible professional development for early childhood personnel. While NPDCI serves as a resource to all states, the center will select eight states for more intense collaboration. NPDCI is taking advantage of the many resources the Internet now provides to collaborate on a larger scale to build a knowledge base around professional development and inclusion. We have launched a Community of Practice which serves as a forum for people to come together and share challenges, ask questions, and contribute ideas on issues related to early childhood professional development and inclusion. We host webinars on a variety of topics related to inclusion, and all NPDCI products, position statements and planning are available on the website.