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The Special Education Team

Welcome to the Special Education Team!

Especially for Families

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What is a disability?

Some children have unique learning needs that require specially designed instruction.

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How can we get help?

If you suspect your child has a disability, you can make a referral to the local school district.

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Are there resources?

There are many agencies, organizations, and educational resources to help families.

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What are our rights?

Children with disabilities and their parents have certain rights under IDEA.

Especially for Educators

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Compliance / Data

Maintaining compliance with IDEA. Using data to make decisions and evaluate results.

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Disability Categories

Wisconsin has criteria for 12 disability categories.

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Systemic Improvement

Coordinated improvement processes based on implementation science.

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Fiscal Resources

Budgeting technical assistance to address identified needs and improve outcomes.

Team Mission:

Provide leadership to improve outcomes and ensure a free appropriate public education for students protected under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Team Beliefs:

  • We believe that supporting a culture of high expectations to promote excellence for all students is best achieved through intentional partnerships.
  • We believe educational decisions are made with and by students and their families, supporting students to become experts in their own learning and active participants in determining their future.
  • We believe all educational environments should be accessible, inclusive and equitable to achieve social justice.
  • We believe that everyone brings valuable perspectives that deserve representation when developing and implementing policies and best practices.

Collective Commitments: 

We commit to...
  • The intentional use of an equity lens while making policy decisions, recommendations, and determining work priorities
  • Providing excellent customer service through using a trauma informed care lens if applicable, while empathizing and humanizing families’ experiences navigating the special education systems
  • Partnering with stakeholders in an authentic way to ensure lived experience is evident in all we do
  • Providing timely, accurate information
  • Maximizing human and financial resources to promote equity, high expectations, and positive outcomes for students with IEPs
  • Questioning the status quo to bring underlying assumptions to the surface
  • Embracing flexibility rather than protecting silos
  • Collaborating and networking with intention
  • Using asset-based language as evidenced by highlighting successes as well as gaps to illustrate positive student outcomes
  • Promoting and modeling socially valued roles across all teachers, families, and educators
  • Supporting our teammates