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Special Education Professional Learning Resources

Special Education Professional Learning Resources

Supports for Educating Students with IEPs

In order to support the education of students with IEPs and help close gaps for each and every student, the Department of Public Instruction uses federal funding to develop a variety of projects, tools, and resources. Learn More about Statewide Projects that Support Educating Students with IEPs.  

Special Education Laws, Procedures, and Bulletins
Bulletins and Guidance that Appy to All Students
Other Disability Resources
Special Education Evaluation and IEP Development
Instructional Supports
Family and Community Engagement
Special Education Related Services
Early Learning
Transition to Post Secondary
Special Education Dispute Resolution Options
Providing Teleservice for Related Services
Alternate Standards and Assessment for Students with the Most Significant Cognitive Disabilities

For more information, visit the special education A-Z topic index.