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Preparing for the Self-Assessment

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Notification of Participation

Based on the five-year self-assessment cycle, the department notifies Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) in the spring when they are required to conduct the self-assessment in the upcoming school year.  This notification starts the RDA: PCSA process.

Establishment of Ad Hoc Committee

The department recommends using an ad hoc committee of parents and school staff to plan the self-assessment. An LEA may develop local procedures for appointing an ad hoc committee.

The department recommends a team of LEA staff conduct the self-assessment. The team may include LEA staff from the committee. Parents do not participate in reviewing student records and other confidential student information. 

Training of Staff

Prior to conducting the self-assessment, LEA staff assigned to review student records must complete the RDA:PCSA Training and Certification eCourse. The training is designed to develop an understanding of how to assess each monitoring standard. 

Once staff has completed the training and the Director has verified that all staff reviewing student records has completed the eCourse (Certification of Completion), the district will have access to the online reporting tool through the Special Education Portal. This tool is used to enter results and identify corrective actions.  

For questions about this information, contact DPI Sped Team (608) 266-1781