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Closing the Self-Assessment

Student-Level Errors Corrected

LEAs must correct any student-level errors as soon as possible after submitting the self-assessment results in the reporting tool.

DPI determines whether noncompliance is corrected by randomly selecting students from the self-assessment sample(s) and, for each student selected, examining records and other documents. DPI may collect data or conduct interviews onsite when warranted. DPI selects student records, contacts the LEA, and arranges verification review.

If the student-level errors are not corrected, DPI provides technical assistance, requires the LEA to correct the student record, and continues to pull samples until the LEA is able to demonstrate that all student-level errors have been corrected. 

Ensuring Current Compliance

In addition to ensuring the correction of identified student-level errors, DPI must determine whether an LEA is currently in compliance with regulatory requirements by examining a reasonable sample of randomly selected student records created after the LEA has completed their action(s) to ensure current compliance. 

If all noncompliance is not corrected, or the LEA is not currently in compliance with regulatory requirements, DPI provides technical assistance on the regulatory requirements, requires correction of the records in error, and the LEA and DPI staff determine action(s) to ensure current compliance. DPI reviews a second sample of records created after the LEA has conducted the activities to ensure current compliance. Verification activities continue until the LEA demonstrates 100% compliance.

Verification Complete

By October 1, DPI verifies that LEAs have corrected all student-level errors and demonstrate 100% current compliance. Verification and the self-assessment are complete when DPI verifies all noncompliance is corrected and notifies the LEA that the self-assessment is complete.

Annually, DPI must make a determination about whether each LEA meets the requirements and purposes of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). If the LEA does not correct identified noncompliance and demonstrate it is currently in compliance with regulatory requirements within one year of DPI notification of noncompliance, the LEA’s annual determination is affected and other sanctions may be applied.